LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc


@ephemient you’re still getting this error, I’m assuming? I want to fix this for the next release, but I don’t have a chrome book to test this on. Your not out of disk space or anything like that, right? Anything peculiar about your chrome OS machine?

Next release coming soon with improvements!


It went away on its own after a reboot. ¯\(ツ)/¯ I had plenty of disk space before or after, so I dunno…


Good thing, because I had no clue what that was haha


Just released 0.6.1 – some bug fixes esp. for crabigators :slight_smile: Enjoy!

@Miuschka this should be fixed.

@saruko these should be fixed.

@Helix this should be fixed.


Okay, seriously used it for the first time after I got the upgrade notification. Neat. It’s slower than typing but good practice (probably).

Is “求人”/“help wanted” supposed to be fixed in 0.6.1? It didn’t seem to work for me, still opened the help box. Also for “助手” it opens up the help box when I say “helper” and writes “aid” when I mean “aide”.

It also wouldn’t recognize my “れいぶん” (it thought I said “レイヴン”?) or “じょしゅ” (“うえ” really?). I don’t think I’m pronouncing them that badly…


Yeah those are basically indistinguishable by ear. You can always spell it out.

I want to make the next version slightly lenient to “typos” like this. I’m pretty sure WK does a Levenshtein distance check to allow the slight typos for English meanings… The other question is what’s the max distance that’s still considered correct? Maybe @viet can fill us in?

Yes… these are supposed to be fixed. I’ve tried it on a vocab item with the same class of problem and it works. Anyway, I just resurrected my 求人 kanji so I can try to reproduce – but the reorder script isn’t working for me so it might be a while till I get that review.

PS. You are saying “help wanted” without any long pause after “help” right :slight_smile: ? Try saying “help wanted” quickly without pausing after help :sweat_smile: . Also you wouldn’t have happened to already have had the page open during the update, and not have refreshed it? Lastly, how’s your internet speed – maybe your “help” and “wanted” transcript come in too far apart.

Not necessarily your pronunciation, but as mentioned earlier – the speech recognizer gives me kanji, so I convert into all possible kana readings. What’s likely happening is your just seeing a kanji version of what you said getting converted into other readings.


No pause, I opened reviews by saying “wanikani” so it should have been a fresh page load, and internet speed is about 80/11Mbps up/down.
I’ll try again when it comes up.

I don’t want to just complain - thanks for the plugin. It feels a bit like using Voice Access.


thank you ^^ I’ll let you know if anything else comes up ^.^


Not at all man! I really do appreciate all the feedback. Everyone on WK has been so constructive, it’s really helpful. I want this extension to be as enjoyable to use as possible, it’s not a “one and done” type of project. I will keep improving it :slight_smile:


Sorry haven’t been able to do many reviews yet. I’m sure it will pop up in my review queue soon and I can get to the bottom of why it still doesn’t work for you. Hopefully tomorrow!


Ah! I finally got the review and I found the issue! Argh! It was a simple capitalization difference that made the 0.6.1 update not fix the issue with help/help wanted. Now it should work in v > 0.7. There shouldn’t be any update page with this release FYI. Let me know!


I noticed today that multiple word meanings (e.g. “station staff”) were recognized as multiple words but input without spaces. Not a big issue since it recognized anyway, but it seems kind of odd.


That’s a regression in 0.7. I’ll get it fixed!


One more issue: voice recognition produces numbers like “100 million yen”. Not sure if you have a good way to turn that into a format that WK does accept or not…


Yeah I do have a way. There is handling for some numbers, but I see that I’m missing others now. Thanks, I’ll get that fixed in 0.8 too!


Same here


Just released 0.8! Lot’s of improvements that I’ve detailed in the OP. You can even make your plugins in this version :smile: !!! The docs will be ready in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.

@Xtian @ephemient
the regression with the no space issue and numbers like 100 million yen should be fixed in 0.8



More issues:

  • For 倍 meaning, “times” gets recognized as “X”, which doesn’t match.
  • For 答 pronunciation, “コタ” gets recognized as “来た”, which doesn’t match.


haha can’t believe “times” actually comes up as “x” :joy: I see how it makes sense, but it’s just not what most people would expect

I will add the x-> times homophone.

I’m gonna make it so when people add homophones they will be added to a central database and the most common ones will become “official” so all the idiosyncrasies esp. in WaniKani will be handled better by the community effort.


Would a homophone be the right thing to do for “コタ” being recognized as “来た” though? Since the latter should be recognized from “きた” normally…

I guess these could work though?

  • “period” = “.”
  • “ようか” = “ヨーカ”/“8日”
  • “二重” = “20”
  • “さんびゃく” = “300”
  • “ゆう” = “ユー”