Lipstick, reading mnemonic

Came across this vocab today.

Oh it’s just the kunyomi combined in to one, easy! … beni… beni?!! Have we seen that before?!

Nope, and we won’t see it again either…

So guess this one needs a little rewrite?
If nothing else at least the typical “But you haven’t seen this reading before” =P
And I guess we could always say Benny likes to wear lipstick, good for him! :wink:


The vocab page for 紅 teaches you both readings.


The vocab page shows both readings, but what it teaches is the on’yomi. If you try to answer with the kun’yomi, it’s just gonna shake at you.



What, you serious? That should definitely be fixed, otherwise what’s the point of showing both readings.

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Cough Ok, I mixed up the vocab page for the kanji page.

Look! A monkey!




what’s the plugin you’re using to get the night theme??


On the same level, noticed this as well the other day. Didn’t really have any trouble with it, I find くれない a lot harder to remember than べに for some reason, even though I really try to remember the former. I did however keep in mind there were multiple readings, perhaps it would help to remember just that?

Nope, and we won’t see it again either…

I suppose that’s just questioning Japanese language as a whole, which we all know is a bad idea :sweat_smile:

I understand the frustration though. I figure you won’t have as much trouble after discussing about it, that’s usually how it goes for me. Good luck :+1:

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I have no trouble remembering that reading thanks to Ghibli’s 紅の豚, it’s even on netflix!


Thats the only place I didn’t check :rofl:
I checked the kanji itself:

And looked at where it can be found:

And didn’t recall there was a secondary reading there =P (and it isn’t the one showing either, so it is the secondary)

I still think it deserves a mention when it has only been seen as a secondary reading on one single vocab like this =P

I honestly prefer when the mnemonic gets repeated on vocabs on reading you didn’t learn with the kanji, so we don’t have to go look for it (or miss it like I did here :wink: )

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I only questioned if it would be repeated in more WaniKani vocabs to help solidify it. I said nothing about Japanese language in general… :man_shrugging:


Yeah I got that. It’s just that it kind of comes down to the same thing here, no? Unless you want beautiful words like 紅花 (safflower), 紅嘴烏 (red-billed chough) or 紅鶸 (immortal jellyfish) in your review list, because those all contain the べに reading. It’s just that there’s not a whole lot of common words that use it unfortunately, that was the point I was trying to make. :no_mouth:

immortal jellyfish sounds amazing though! :rofl:
Nah I agree we should keep the vocabs relevant. Only pointed out there wasn’t more for it to be in (currently on wanikani) so it being the only one (not counting the secondary reading on the other) it could use a mnemonic in the reading area =)
The mentioning of that reading, if only one place, would be better served on Lipstick. Though both would be best.

There are others who are only half mentioned once, but you see them in so many words that they get drilled in anyway =P
I won’t have problems remembering this, but still think a quick mnemonic line in the reading would serve well for those who focused on くれない for crimson


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