Linux command line client?

Ha! I made a console application text adventure for my games development assignment when I was doing computer science at university. I still have the C++ code for it kicking around somewhere. It only ended up being 4 rooms long, you found a key in the third room then went back to the first room and used it on the locked door, riveting stuff!
If I lose my job and have nothing to do for a few weeks, I’ll make a version where you answer kanji questions to get around :wink:


Hi all,

I improved the app quite a bit. It does not work on windows yet but I will work on it. The app has been tested it on both OSX and Linux. You can check the doc to see how to install it on your system.

Find a preview below with lessons + lessons reviews. I only used data from the WaniKani free tier for the demo.


We need:

  • To improve test coverage

  • To make it work on windows. (Playsound lib + kana input)

I was thinking of changing the name since WaniKani CLI makes it sound official (and it’s not).

Since it’s writtien in python, I was thinking of HebiKani. What do you guys think? Good idea, bad idea?



I like that. Or even HebiWaniCLI. :smiley:

Bravo for all the work put in to this. :+1:

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Nice idea. And the logo for the project (which might only be put on README, anyway)?

Yes. A logo would only work on the doc and the README.

I prefer HebiKani than HebiWani since HebiWani sounds like a KaniWani CLI :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I changed it to HebiKani (GitHub - ajite/hebikani: A CLI interface to do your review on WaniKani)

What is HebiKano?

Now that I think about it, don’t worry about it too much. Maybe too much of a stretch.

I am trying to improve the “summary” output to include incoming reviews number.

I am not quite satisfied. Any idea?

Vertical histogram would be easier to look.

Something like that?

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Yeah, but something is wrong with scale here? Also, you will need some capping and symbolism to accommodate for 112 reviews.

So just like the web version.


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Thanks a lot,

I have been using the CLI so much that I forgot you had an histogram on the website :joy:

Indeed the scale was wrong.

I am trying to play with the size:

50 width:

30 width:

To compare data with my summary graph on WaniKani:

What do you think?


Hi all,

Just to let you know that HebiKani now runs on Windows systems as well.

You will need to make sure that your shell can display Japanese characters (see the doc).

The Windows version is the lightest of the three since it does not require extra set up to play audio.

I also added a logo, it is a Crabigator but with two snakes instead of the alligator.


Since I was playing with OpenAI, I asked it to generate a back story for HebiKani and I kinda like it so I added it to the project.

Back Story (written by OpenAI)

The snake had always been interested in learning Japanese, and so when it saw the Crabigator teaching the language, it decided to enroll in the class. The Crabigator was a great teacher, and the snake quickly learned the basics of the language. After a few months, the snake graduated from the class, and as a reward, the Crabigator gave it a magical stone that would allow it to transform into a half-crab, half-snake creature. The snake was thrilled, and immediately used the stone to transform. It then set out to teach Japanese to people all over the world, using its new form to make learning the language fun and easy.

It is actually the second story since the first story was a tad violent…

Original OpenAI story:

This may sound like a tall tale, but it’s true. A snake ate the crabigator and became a Japanese teacher. The crabigator was a fierce predator, half crab, half alligator. But the snake was smarter and faster and soon had the crabigator for dinner. After digesting the crabigator, the snake felt a sudden urge to teach Japanese. So it slithered into a nearby school and started teaching classes. The students were a bit surprised at first, but soon got used to their new teacher. And the snake loved its new job, especially when it got to eat a few students for lunch.

Next update will let you add your own meanings (like on the app).
I also want to include some reordering (I will check the reordering script).