Like the sound?

Any vocabulary that you particularly like the sound of?

For me, that would be 昔話. I like saying it.


There’s a similar one to 昔話 which is 昔々 that means “once upon a time.”

I just like both of these because, as you said, they’re fun to say.

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初めて but mostly because it reminds me the Inside Chanel video “For the first time,” even though they are totally unrelated to each other lol. It’s just how I decided to remember the word, I guess. Otherwise, just exclusively for a word that’s fun to say, maybe 時々.

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物語 is by far my favorite Japanese word I know so far, I love the meaning and how it sounds : )


I really like the sound of all words that have a ゆう in them. 優秀, 友人, 勇者, all of these sound great :slight_smile:

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I really like “rude” (male) sentence endings like だろう、だよ、なよ etc. because of how they sound and they’re just fun to say out loud when I’m reading to myself.

As a woman I will probably never be able to actually use these but at least when I’m on my own I can talk like a shounen protagonist :joy:


I perfectly understand what you mean. I, as a man, really love the 女性言葉 sentence enders, like のよ, わ, かしら, or saying あたし, and feel pretty bad I can’t use these in real life without sounding weird.

Oh well, at least on the internet no one knows I’m a guy ¯\(ツ)


分かる分かる :cry:

I wouldn’t mind coming off as tomboy-ish but the other way round it’s less forgiving I guess.




It seems like colloquial lady-speak seems to come easily to me for now. I like leaving out the copulas at the ends of sentences. Though I am not using

these ones yet. But sometimes I want to say 俺 like some arrogant prick :wink: and I have take an extra couple seconds before I start to speak

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