Like an unfrozen caveman -- getting back to studies

Hey Wkers,

I am coming back after a 7 month “休憩”, when I logged in for the first time, I had 3000+ reviews stacked up. The first thing I did was drop back 3 levels. This knocked off a few hundred reviews. Now I’m just trying to get that review number down to zero steadily. First 20 one day, then 40, and so on. After a week and half, I’ve done 500 reviews today. My correct % is really low (50%) and it can be a bit demoralizing, but I’m trying to trust in the SRS and know that if I get it wrong, I’ll see it again and be fine. My goal is not to “get to level 60” but to read Japanese, and in that vein I’m doing other things as well, but as for my kanji I’m just wondering – should I reset my level even lower, or should I just keep powering through it?

Thanks in advance!


As someone who once had around 3000 reviews and has reset multiple times - keep on pushing. You’ll remember more than you think. Don’t do any lessons for a while and you’ll be fine eventually. Resetting would probably take a lot longer to get back to where you are now, depending on how low you go.
I’m currently nearing my once highest level and still remember a lot from it - and it’s been a hot while since then (had a couple of breaks in-between).

Edit: Completely forgot, how rude of me: Welcome back!!


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*Welcome back, you’ve got this! Keep on those reviews and you’ll get them down. Resetting will still give you a pile of reviews unless you reset way back. Best to keep off the new lessons for now until you get your review pile down to a more manageable size. Ugg.


I did 1100 reviews today… whew


Good job. That must have been pretty intense.


That…is a lot of reviews! I have only returned after a break to 500 or so but you got this!

Power through them and you’ll be back on the wagon in no time!

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WELCOME BACK !! its one thing starting climbing the kanji learning SRS mountain, but to stop and come back stronger than ever … that’s gonna take real steel (crampons) !


in other news when I read ‘Wker’, my first thought was that you were calling us all a common British insult. Speaks volumes to my maturity level. :rofl:

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Congratulations. And to me, too: :grin:

I wrestled the last 66 of my reviews down today (I had 1000+), also after a seven month break.

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So I’ll tell you what’s next – you will miss a lot of those in guru and they will fall back down. but DON’T get discouraged. Learning Japanese is a marathon, not a sprint :slight_smile:

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Congrats and welcome back!

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