Light novels or short stories or other prose at N4 level?

I’m probably at N4 level as far as reading. I’ve never actually taken any of the JLPT tests, but can read online samples of N4 reading sections without much difficulty. I can struggle through N3 stuff, but it’s not much fun at my level, so I end up just getting “close enough”.

I’ve got the Kanzen Master N3 Reading book for when I really want to go into study mode and do some deciphering. But much of the time I’d rather really reinforce my N4 level and get it nice and solid.

Can anyone recommend any light novels or short stories or other reading at this level, or is it still too limiting for much to be available? I’d prefer analog, if possible.

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Have you checked out the:

WK Book Club they have lists of easier novels that at level 43 the Kanji shouldn’t be hard for you. You will have tons of people to help if you get stuck.

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You’re level 43.
Use a dictionary and you’ll be fine.
I’ve never taken a JLPT but N4 seems like children’s books to me.

Read something you’re interested in.
Kanji will be hard at the start but once you understand them, they will constantly come up.
Bonus if they appear later in WaniKani.

Do you like anime? Pick up an anime light novel.
Watch the series then read the book.
You’ll have an idea of what’s going on because you7ve already seen it.

Do you like animation?
君の名は has a light novel. Watch the movie; read the book.

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Looking at Japanese Graded Readers as a reference (although with Kanji, there is always Furigana), you had better improve your grammar and vocab to N3 level.

For easier ones that N4 can read, maybe picture books for children, like PIBO app.

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