Light at the end of the tunnel

I’ve been on vacation mode for a long time and have been using WK a bit differently recently. I was working my way through each level trying to learn all the kanji and vocab but was finding that slow going. As an alternative I am now just focusing on radicals and kanji. Every day I go back and test myself on the levels. 1-20 I can do as one block as I know them the best and recall most of them. 20-30 and 30-40 I do separately as I’m making a lot more mistakes. I’m also learning new levels and hope to be reviewing 40-50 in a few weeks (when I get to 50). Once I’ve managed to learn all 60 levels I aim to come off vacation mode and push through from 41 to 60.

One thing I’m noticing, which is a blessed relief, is that a reasonable number of kanji in the 40s level seem to be for words I know but didn’t know the kanji eg 鍵 or are kanji that I’ve had to look up recently whilst reading eg 棚 癖 . It makes me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and I might finally be getting to grips with Kanji.


I didn’t read alot but still encounter kanji i feel i have seen before. It always feels good when there’s less kanjis to worry about :grin:

For me this is one of the reasons reading is so key. When I look up a kanji while reading, and find it’s from a Wanikani level a few levels ahead, I have a quick look at the Wanikani mnemonic. When I then get to the kanji in my Wanikani lessons it sticks so much more easily.


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