Lifetime Sale price after 2x Annual?

I have bought 2x annual WK with Paypal, so i can’t see my discount on the Lifetime sale on the website. Does anyone know how much discount I’d get if I were to buy the Lifetime subscription in this sale now?

Depends when you bought it. You would get whatever the remaining amount of time on your 1 year sub credited. If you bought it a month ago, then you’d get 11/12th of your annual sub toward lifetime. If you bought it close to a year ago, you’d just a little bit but not much.

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They offered a special lifetime price for level 60-ers. Ask a @Mods or write them an email.


Thanks for the help guys. I guess I’ll just write them a mail.

How come you’re still level 3?

They’re level 123.


Because I don’t do reviews or lessons.


It’s not counting levels for them, it’s counting the number of times they’ve reset from 60.


Yeah, thanks. That got to the core of the question???

Well, it’s the truth! Probably won’t change any time soon. As others indicated, it’s not my first time being level 3, so I don’t have a pressing need to get to level 4 again.

I prefer having a low level badge. I didn’t like that (some) people assumed being level 60 gave me some kind of authority that another user wouldn’t have by being a lower level.


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