License plates from which cities?!

So this is the thread about license plates… you are probably wondering why. Sometimes some random car goes by and I see the kanji on the plate. Sometimes it’ll say 練馬 or 三重 or 北九州 or something else entirely! If you have questions about the city kanji, this is your thread!!!

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I’ma just leave this here…

P.S. Welcome!

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thank you @belthazar!

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just saw a plate that said 足立
anyone know where that is?

Oh, so they’re cities? I saw 八王子 the other day, which was interesting because I know of a digital music producer who goes by 八王子P. That explains a lot though, haha.

Adachi Ward in Tokyo. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s in Tokyo as well, actually.

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k thanks @Kai_973!