LGBTQ+/GSRM Book Club! Starting Mid September

I’m not reading the current book - instead halfway through 君の名は (side-note: how do people here feel about this or similar “body swap” fiction?) - but I have once stayed in a former love hotel.*

Checking in, choosing a room, specifying an amount of time, agreeing on the price. I think that’s how it goes? From photos and videos I gather there are some very interesting specialty ones out there, but I can’t say what the average is like. Hopefully friendly to all orientations.

My country [:netherlands:] probably has places that could be labeled “love hotels”… but again, no personal experience there either.

-> *


First of all; on the map I had it was listed as a “business hotel”. That’s probably why -when I finally got there- I was having a hard time finding it, since I expected a different kind of building. I ended up asking the staff at the nearby konbini and while she pointed me in the right direction quick enough, I barely got an answer out of her when I asked about all the giggles and funny looks she was giving me. :flushed: Maybe relevant to know: I was on a pilgrimage at the time, fully dressed in the traditional white garb and straw hat.

Meanwhile, the new owner is a friendly old lady who says she totally renovated the place. So it really wasn’t until I walked into my -accessible straight from a private parking spot- “single room” that it all clicked. The big bed, covered with red sheets and pillows, big couch in front of a TV, a bathroom with a completely glass wall… and oh yeah, condom dispenser next to the bedside. “business” eh? :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:


I have heard that women often have no trouble, but men have sometimes been barred. Just last month, Amagasaki in Hyogo dropped the specification that couples MUST be opposite sex. I don’t know if any other areas have done something similar.