LGBTQ+/GSRM Book Club! Starting Mid September

I have to be honest, due to the art style his hair reminded me of Mamoru’s :joy:

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I also really like the art style!
And the fact that’s it’s only one volume. :wink:
Although Wikipedia mentions a sequel…? But I can’t find the sequel on Amazon. Or even not on bookmeter.

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The art style is so nostalgic. I also liked it cause it’s so refreshing to see something different plus it’s high quality drawing as well.

My lazy brain likes the idea of one volume but if it’s as good as all the reviews say then once you finish it there’s no more to read :sweat_smile:

Same here, I had a look for the sequel on several sites. All I could think was that maybe it’s not been collected into a Tankōbon yet? Also given that it started serialisation in 2017 it’s maybe only going to be one volume again seeing as no book exists yet…?

If I do manage to find the sequel I’ll share a link.


But shouldn’t they get enough material for one volume in 3 years already…? :thinking:

I’ve checked Opera’s, the magazine, website. Volume 70 seems to be the last to have もっとガンバレ! in the table of contents:

And it was back in 2018/11/29.
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I really thought they should have, which is why I looked for the book and was surprised it didn’t exist.

I found the mangaka, 春泥, on twitter. They don’t seem to be on hiatus or anything and I have seen tweets from people asking about もっとガンバレ中村くん and when will there be a Tankōbon or just more of it in general so I don’t think there is any official updates on it.

Looking through the tweets as well volume 70 does indeed seem to be the last time it appears in Opera.

Unless Nakamura is a side project for them and they don’t work on it all the time? Hard to know…


Has anyone reading the current book used a love hotel (or if you’re not reading along, that’s ok too!)? LGBTQ+ friendly sex service? What was it like, especially compared to how events transpired in the book? Does your country have love hotels?


No experience with any of it, but it was quite interesting to see how a love hotel works. I don’t think we have anything similar in Germany, or at least I’ve never heard of it. Interesting concept though. Does anyone know if the way it was portrayed in the book is representative of the “standard love hotel experience”, if that’s a thing?


I’m not reading the current book - instead halfway through 君の名は (side-note: how do people here feel about this or similar “body swap” fiction?) - but I have once stayed in a former love hotel.*

Checking in, choosing a room, specifying an amount of time, agreeing on the price. I think that’s how it goes? From photos and videos I gather there are some very interesting specialty ones out there, but I can’t say what the average is like. Hopefully friendly to all orientations.

My country [:netherlands:] probably has places that could be labeled “love hotels”… but again, no personal experience there either.

-> *


First of all; on the map I had it was listed as a “business hotel”. That’s probably why -when I finally got there- I was having a hard time finding it, since I expected a different kind of building. I ended up asking the staff at the nearby konbini and while she pointed me in the right direction quick enough, I barely got an answer out of her when I asked about all the giggles and funny looks she was giving me. :flushed: Maybe relevant to know: I was on a pilgrimage at the time, fully dressed in the traditional white garb and straw hat.

Meanwhile, the new owner is a friendly old lady who says she totally renovated the place. So it really wasn’t until I walked into my -accessible straight from a private parking spot- “single room” that it all clicked. The big bed, covered with red sheets and pillows, big couch in front of a TV, a bathroom with a completely glass wall… and oh yeah, condom dispenser next to the bedside. “business” eh? :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:


I have heard that women often have no trouble, but men have sometimes been barred. Just last month, Amagasaki in Hyogo dropped the specification that couples MUST be opposite sex. I don’t know if any other areas have done something similar.


Seems like there’s still some work to do in that area…


It looks like a lot of 百合姫 manga are giving 50% back in points on Amazon right now. For example:

Also, I’m reading the first volume of this one right now, and it’s pretty good:

Oh course, now there’s the problem that I prefer physical manga, but with this sale I could buy the three remaining volumes digitally for the price of one physical volume. :sweat_smile:


Slightly off-topic, but how have you been going about getting books from japanese amazon this year? Do you just order them directly? (not sure what the shipping restrictions are where you are)

When this book club started up I was pretty excited about it, then realized it was impossible for me to get the book in Japanese due to covid blocking the shipment of items to the US from Japan


I don’t even have a physical copy, I’m reading it in e-manga form. Got it from Bookwalker!


I’ve just been ordering them from Amazon Japan and getting them shipped directly to the U.S. The shipping takes a few days longer than it used to, but I can still order everything like usual. What issues are you running into?


I also haven’t had any problems getting books from this year. So I don’t know what restrictions you’ve been running into.


I must be losing it… I didn’t see an option to ship directly to the US before but it looks like there is one now. Before, I was using tenso which had halted shipments to the states.

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Some international friends of mine had trouble shipping certain manga last week, so you might not be losing it.

Sometimes, there is a restriction for shipping some specific items outside of Japan, so it might also be the cause, unrelated to pandemic.
(Sometimes it’s really random, like this video game, but not the other video games, even if it’s still sold by Amazon, not other sellers.)

Since this book club basically died and there were some votes for 不可解なぼくのすべてを a few months ago -
it’s one of the nominations in the Beginner Book Club’s current poll and it’s actually at the second place right now.
You can vote here! Poll is open until the end of the weekend.


I voted for it!

Yes sorry life got crazy, been planning to revive this tread for a bit.