Levelang - simplified content that adjusts to your level

I developed a new tool that helps to enjoy learning from native content by simplifying it to the user’s level levelang.com. Engaging content is usually too hard, and it can be quite frustrating. To solve this, Levelang learns what users know and adjusts the level accordingly. The difficult sentences are presented in English, and later on we’ll also have Japanese to Japanese simplification.

There’s an article feed with interesting articles closest to your level and with word you are currently learning, or defined as a target. The reading interface helps to read and learn words, and to gradually model the user’s knowledge.

The site is freemium, free for casual learners that want to read a bit every day.
I hope you find it helpful :hugs:, any feedback is appreciated (here or by email ehud.barnea+levelang@gmail.com).


can’t access the site right now

but anything like this is more than welcome, thank you

Thanks. The link was bad, should be ok now

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This is very nice, thank you. I tried to read some but did only understand one word in two articles, but I like being able to click on words to have the translation.

I will try it again later when I have more time.

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Thanks. It still requires to know at least 1000-2000 words to be able to properly enjoy the content, depending on the article. With time the simplification will increase.

I just took a quick look but this looks great… will spend some more time on it and give you my feedback :slight_smile:

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