Level Up E-Mails

I just hit level 7 about an hour ago and had completely forgotten about the email you’re sent and just wanted to comment on how rewarding they can actually be! Although I know they’re automated for each level I still really appreciate the time taken to write them, especially since it described my exact situation:

I was feeling super satisfied with managing to keep my lessons and reviews at 0 after a very long absence from WK at about level 4 due to life throwing some difficult stuff my way. And then just as I’m wrapping up my reviews, BOOM! You now have 178 lessons waiting for you!

Not a huge amount of time to celebrate is there. :sweat_smile: Or as WaniKani put it:

"Yay! You made it to Level 7!

Oh no. You made it to Level 7."

Oh well! Here we go again :innocent:


i agree! these mails (i didnt get them last time, but this time gladly!) are super rewarding! feels great to get some extra motivating words or read some experience from people who were where we are right now. the wk stickers are like a treasure! hopefully will be able to read that postcard soon in future! (im slow) ToT

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