Level 8 oddness

ok so i’m moving along here getting a bit better at all the Kanji stuff. I am using the ultimate reorder script so I can push all the radicals/Kanji into the beginning of a level. And here is where it went to weirdville. I’ve got 14 lessons left, according to WK, its all vocab. According to both, WK, and WKS. I have 18 unlearned kanji still. And I’m certain a few of them I have not seen. (答,局, and more) Have I missed a memo? (entirely possible, I HATED memo’s while working) Just trying to make sure I’ve not broken anything, or I’ve toasted something. Thanks all

If you haven’t guru’ed the radicals, then you’ll have a set of kanji that requires those radicals. So about half way through (when you guru the first half of the kanji and all the radicals) you’ll unlock the rest of the kanji for the level.

Ugh, why didn’t I think of that… again not reading memo’s (remembering the basics) bites me…

Good Thing I am level Seven! I don’t have to deal with that level 8 oddness

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