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100/500 is probably just the general guideline because it’s pretty. It’s supposed to keep you in check if you fail a lot of reviews, but personally I just prefer doing a set amount of lessons because my accuracy doesn’t change much anyways :thinking:

8 days/level requires 20 lessons/day. (In the early levels, the later half has less items per level)

If you consider the review immediately after learning a new item a review and that you sometimes get items wrong, you’ll end up with roughly 20 * 10 = 200 reviews/day, once you start burning things. Unless your accuracy is low, you won’t get much more reviews than that on average.
(If you’re going by 100% accuracy and don’t consider lessons a review, you’ll end up with the chart above)


Some level ups on my board today, so congratulations!

@faolon 11 -> 12,
@edzin 10 -> 11,
@jelte 7 -> 8,
@maehlum 7 -> 8

Nice going!

I’ve had a similar experience with Bunpro as I’ve been primarily using Lingodeer for grammar. What I’ve ended up doing is setting it to the TaeKim guide (as that is free) so that I have a bit more of a framework and to make it easier to find things. I also make quite a lot of use of the search function to add things out of order.

Lol…this is also so much me! Whenever I hear people talking about Genki or Minna no Nihongo or Jalup or pretty much anything else I’m like “ooooh, how shiny! maybe that would be a better way!” and I then I have to remind myself that I really am liking Lingodeer so far and have enough other resources to supplement it where needed (Tae Kim, free online resources, Dictionary of Basic Grammar) so I should just stick with what seems to be working rather than stopping to come up with some other study plan lol.

Ooooh, thanks so much @jeff8v7! Very useful to get the view from the other side of those painful levels. My accuracy tends to hover around 96% (which I see as fine for me as I’m trying to trust the SRS will help me pick up the tricky ones. Also my memory is bad lol) so this confirms to me that full speed would be a bad idea!


You’re not supposed to get 100%! Down with language learner perfectionism ! :worried:
SRS Intervals are usually designed so that you’re in the 95% range of accuracy. If you were getting 99% of your reviews correct, the intervals would be too short for you. You’d be reviewing more often than you need to. SRS is about efficiency, not perfectionism ! :see_no_evil:

TL;DR: 96% is ideal.

Sorry if I read things between the lines you didn’t mean :upside_down_face:


haha, thanks! yeah logically I know that given that it’s learning then 100% accuracy doesn’t really make sense - it easy sometimes to see others with super high accuracies and be like “oh dear I’m doing it wrong” but I have to remember that anything over 90% is still really good for a bunch of new things being learned! It’s useful to know that the intervals are designed with 95% accuracy in mind though - gives a good benchmark :thinking:


Same here! I have already went on the Jalup site to read through it and look at the prices at least 3 times :sweat_smile: And each time I have to drag myself out of there and remind myself that I already have resources that work and I enjoy so it doesn’t make any sense to switch now.

That being said I did just sign up for the JapanesePod101 trial last night using the excuse of not having much listening practice in my current study plan :smile:

I am often below that whoops :sweat_smile: I tend to be satisfied with my results if I get above 90% though, which is most of the time


You guys… I’m giving it my best here, just give in already! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Haha, I didn’t mean it like that :see_no_evil: Your % is influenced by other factors than just SRS intervals.
If you’re frequently getting items wrong within the first few reviews you might just need to invest a little more time when learning them.
In addition everyone has items they repeatedly get wrong (leeches) and even if you deal with those, they tank your % for a while.

Obviously, there’s some point at which the WaniKani intervals are too long for you (e.g. if you’re at 80% correct you should probably change something, because it’s not very time efficient), but I don’t think 90% is anything to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I use the Self-Study Quiz a lot for learning new items, because mnemonics aren’t really my thing :see_no_evil:


Thanks for the great advice to start slowly pacing myself once I hit lvl10-11 :+1:


It’s not your marketing skills, if I would’ve seen your sales pitch a few months ago it probably would have worked :smile:

That’s very true, I am not actually worried atm - just thought I’d mention my (slightly lower) accuracy too so that there is a broader range on display. Often times it’s only the super high scores that get posted and that leaves others worried about their perfectly normal performance.

And you’re definitely right about the leeches! I have a good few right now, so my accuracy often gets dragged down by the same few items.

I do have it installed and I should really use it more often :upside_down_face: Although I only really use it for leeches and items I last got wrong


This is probably a super stupid question, but when you guys are talking about % do you mean the ones shown in the top right hand corner while doing reviews, the one shown when you are done with your reviews, or the ones from wanikani stats?


I personally use the one shown when I am done with my reviews, because I find it more useful. It reflects how many items I know both the reading and meaning of (So if I have 10 items to review and I get just the reading wrong for one of them, it will be 90%). The one during the reviews counts the meaning and reading as separate items pretty much (So if I have 10 items to review and I get just the reading wrong for one of them, it will be 95%). Although, if those items were radicals, which only have meaning, both percentages should be the same.

I am pretty sure the wkstats website uses the same method as the percentage shown during the reviews. The breakdown into reading vs meaning accuracy and the ability to see your average over time is awesome though!


I was talking about the % from wkstats - which as @Ajivila says may be somewhat inflated. I’m not sure how/where to see the average after review percentage tbh - is that something you just keep a vague track of @Ajivila?

Yeah, I just have some vague idea of how I have done in the last few days, and I tend to pay more attention if my accuracy is below 90%

To be fair, the wkstats % for the separate skills of meaning/reading is accurate! I just don’t like the ‘total’ % being counted the way it is, which again is personal preference :sweat_smile:


I hate tae kim so much (seems im the only one), for me its not atractive at all. I prefer methods with videos (YT channel) or with some kinda of system (SRS / LV’s and stuff). Even JPZ i can watch the YT videos for some “fun”. Only text is kinda boring, thats my problem with studying only by books…That is one of the reasons Jalup picked up my interest, but is just too expensive, and i dont really like methods that advertises themselves in a way that feels they are above all the rest, or with cheap lines like “LEARN 1.000 KANJIS IN 1 DAY”

I was also talking about wkstats. Mostly because I prefer seeing the different item types separated and because I’d be waay to lazy to keep track myself :see_no_evil:

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Hmm, interesting :thinking: Does Jalup give you that kind of impression? Adam always seems like a very down to earth, middle ground kind of person to me. Things like AJATT seem a bit too… exclusive of other methods :see_no_evil:

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Yeah I also find Tae Kim somewhat hard to get through - I definitely couldn’t use it as my primary grammar resource as it’s quite dry. I just use it to organise my Bunpro as it’s free. So generally I will have already learned the thing on Lingodeer - I’m just following the Tae Kim path on bunpro as because it’s free I can quickly check the explanation before I add things. It’s definitely not essential - I just find it sightly less confusing than the default bunpro order which seemed odd to me.

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I don’t hate the Tae Kim Grammar Guide, but I think my gripe with it is that the guide doesn’t feel cumulative and the example sentences can get pretty tough with the vocabulary, and if I am really struggling with vocabulary, the grammar does not sink in well. I will probably revisit when I am a little further along and the detailed explanations are more useful. I can use it more as a grammar dictionary rather than a beginner learning tool.

Luca Lampariello, a pretty distinguished polyglot said that his failure with Japanese was trying to be too complex way too fast since the syntax is so different than his native Italian. So, I prefer to see simpler, yet progressive exercises that builds off the previous materials, which is why I like Genki. I also want Mary and Takeshi to get married, so I am invested now too lol.


I don’t know what that is…
About Jalup, i had that impression, yea…

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Yea, AJATT is almost militant in it’s beliefs lol. I think Matt has cooled down a bit though, and I really like his thoughts about language acquisition, along with Stephen Krashen. I didn’t get the “learn Japanese in 13 seconds” vibe from Jalup though. He lays out a pretty consistent program that obviously worked for him, so I don’t see why it couldn’t work for anyone else.

Same with Matt and AJATT, although you have to be pretty disciplined to complete it. Matt kind of goes into his “delusional” phase of language learning in his videos, and discusses how his discipline was fueled by some rather unhealthy thoughts and goals…like wanting to essentially become a Japanese person.

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