Level 7 32 Days Remaining?

Hey guys! I am loving WaniKani so far. As someone who has studied abroad and completed a minor in Japanese, I can confidently say that this is by far my favorite way to study kanji. I just got to level 7 yesterday and my time remaining is sitting at 32 days. Is this normal? I’ve flown through the first 6 levels as a lot of the kanji are ones I’ve studied before so I would love to keep going as fast as possible.


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You’re talking about the stats site? It would help to post a screencap of it to show exactly what you’re looking at.


Is that your average so far used as default. Post a screen cap

There is no reason why you couldn’t get through level 7 just as fast as level 6

So, it could be because I am using Tsurukame.

What stats site do you use?

This one let’s you see your level up history: https://www.wkstats.com

What I imagine happened is that you signed up but didn’t use the site at all at level 1

You can get through any level in less than 8 days; even faster for certain later levels where >90% of kanji are unlocked at the start of the level (as opposed to being blocked by radicals).

You should familiarize yourself with how SRS levels work, and you can use the desktop website to see your progress on each item to calculate how much longer you’ve got on your current level.

Extensions like Dashboard Progress Plus can make it easier to track.

That is just an estimate made by a third party app. The quickest you can finish a level is in 6 days 20 hours. If you’ve been going close to that until now there is absolutely no reason why you can’t continue. Most likely there is something wrong with the estimate. As MegaZeroX mentioned it’s likely that it’s off because it is extrapolating from you having joined in July 2019 and being level 7 now.

That is probably a bug. As far as I know, Tsurukame calculates the level up estimate based on the minimum possible time remaining, even if you usual fail reviews and will probably take longer.
Since it’s not an official wanikani app, and therefore not supported by Tofugu and the wanikani team, I’d make a post in this thread to let the developer of Tsurukame know.
Edit: as other people have noted, wanikani stats is a great place to find a level up estimate based on how long you actually usually take on levels.


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