Level 60 subscription discount?

I think there’s supposed to be a discount on lifetime subscriptions if you’ve already reached level 60. However, this appears to no longer be available since I let my subscription expire. I was thinking about re-subscribing, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to do so at the discount price.


Maybe try emailing them or using the chat function?

Eh? There was?

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Somebody talked about getting that a few weeks ago, but before that I had literally never heard of it. They said they got lifetime for 60 dollars when they reached 60

This is my first time hearing of it.

@l_l you should probably just drop them an email

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You only get the discount during the lifetime sale at Christmas. They send an email about that to lvl 60 users as their own version of the sale.


I used the contact form to message WaniKani about the lifetime discount after hitting level 60, and I received the same offer that has been mentioned previously in the forums ($60). This was done outside of the Christmas sale.


I guess this is something for me to keep an eye out for, IF I wanna burn those last kanji and vocab. :eyes:

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I paid near-full Christmas discount price for lifetime after my first year sub expired

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