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To be fair, colloquial English also uses baseball terms fairly often (“safe!”, “that was a home run”, “he struck out”, “that came out of left field”, etc.).

You don’t need to be a fan of the game to find these terms useful. More useful to me than, say, 塊魂(かたまりだましい).


Yeah, fair point - I don’t know if that’s true in Japanese though that baseball terms are sometimes used in idioms.
While I had heard of a “home run”, I think that’s the only “baseball term” I’d previously heard in English - I think some others were “pitcher’s stuff” and multiple ways of saying “sacrifice fly” and I think there was also one using the kanji for “majesty” (… ?) but I’d never heard of any of those in English before encountering them on Japanese. I totally get that other people might know these terms inside out and might find it useful to learn them in Japanese though.
It would be amazing if on WaniKani you could choose your interests and learn vocab based on that (like in Bunpro, choosing between “casual” and “formal”) but I totally understand it’s difficult to find a set of vocab which cover all kanji according to each possible combination of interests.


I think wanikani could use some more “useless” words like 逆転裁判ぎゃくてんさいばん and 弾丸論破だんがんろんぱ


I don’t know the latter, but looking for examples brought me to a Hanshin Tigers manga site which now has me very curious…

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