Level 60 Rant (and Future Plans)

Congratulations! Reaching level 60 is quite the feat! It was very interesting to read about your experience learning Japanese and what plans you have for the future. I wish you the best of luck with accomplishing your goals!

I am also Norwegian, and am currently attending the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). I stated in 2018 and took the Japanese elective classes they offer for three semesters. After that I tried to continue learning on my own, and also meet with some of the friends I made while taking the formal Japanese classes. I have known about WaniKani for a while, but it is only recently that I decided to go all-in and get as far as I can. I really want to learn to read Japanese.

I think the SRS method is really neat, and I am also spending quite a bit of time listening to Japanese to get some solid sound-input as well. At some point when I learn a few more kanji I want to pick up some easier novels in Japanese to read. One that I have bought already, but find myself struggling to read is “The Petit Prince”. In the spring of 2019 I went to Tokyo and bought it on the way back.

Good luck with your exams!


Thank you very much for your reply, that was nice to read. Given your earlier Japanese knowledge, the beginning of WaniKani should be quite easy, but after a while you get exposed to a lot of new kanjis. If you want to read Japanese I recommend getting through WaniKani as much as I possibly can recommend something, and I also recommend BunPro. Good luck on your book, I remember reading “Den Lille Prinsen” very young. You should definitely try the WaniKani community book clubs as well, there are a lot of very helpful people there.

Lykke til med japansken og økonomi studiene!


I have been recommended BunPro by a friend and will look into it once I am done with my exams this semester! And thanks for the recommendation for joining the book club! I am doing something similar to the book club with my friends, but I will check that out more in detail as well!

Takk det samme!


Fuck up someone’s plans or intentions. I think I’ve only ever read it in novels or articles though, just realised I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say it out loud.

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How do you maintain such high accuracy? Do you have any techniques you use while thinking about stuff that comes up in reviews? (aside from that I only do reviews 1x per do so that could be another part of the time difference, but I think it’s mostly accuracy)

I’m level 49 with around 1500 days (about a year break but even without that my median is 19 days which is 8 days slower than you).

I will make it to 60 within a year at my current pace but I only have 75-80% accuracy and you have 95%+ which is the difference so I could maybe do a bit better this last stretch of levels if I can look into what some of the faster people are doing.

(I realize it is unlikely you can really tell me anything that would help but just asking)
Here’s my chart

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Thanks for the reply. Even though you had some break, you are level 49 now and that means you are slowly getting there. I would not worry about speed, but consistency. For accuracy, I do not have any magical advice, but I would recommend doing reviews 2x a day, and starting to use the leech-scripts. Leeches are really piling up the reviews, so finding them and making new mnemonics really helps.


Oh I’ve never heard of leeches before but I have a lot, I guess I will just review everything from level 1-20 I don’t have burned each day now (maybe sliding window it to 20-30 after 1-10 cleared etc.)

Also for me it’s not a consistency issue because I clear reviews every day, it’s an accuracy issue, and now that I’ve noticed it’s probably that I keep missing the same things for years and haven’t actively ever thought about it or been aware of it.


Hi again, I have had a few lessons on Asao. It seems very promising! The discord is a little bit messily organized, but the option to talk to so many Japanese people basically for free is amazing.

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