Level 60 is not the end?

I’m just passed 120 days after reaching 60, 550 days since I started WK.

Right now I’m just keeping up with my reviews. It’s taken a while for my reviews to die down to under 100 per day on average per week.

Now it is all about the burns, and the SRS system kicking my butt by giving me burn stage reviews all day long. Currently up to level 46 on burning material.

But I can really take it easier now, do grammar and do other hobbies now that I’m not spending hours on lessons. :3


Aah. That’s a fair point. To clarify, when I said “immersion” I meant immersion into language study. I should have been more specific. But you’re right. Relying on your environment alone to teach you the language is probably not very fruitful.


You’re a legend


Seeing the words and kanji “in the wild” sure helps cement them! So reading is the key! =D
Read read read! If you can’t already, study grammar and start reading even before you think you are ready. Just read it out loud, even if you don’t understand much of it yet (the act of reading out loud does help) And once you start grasping it you will feel amazing!


I’ll echo your experience. I’ve been in Japan for 5 and a half years now and it wasn’t until I started doing WK that I really saw BIG gains in my reading ability. It started to transfer to my listening in my work environment. My wife is American so we speak English at home. At work, (I’m an English teacher) my students and coworkers prefer that I speak English with them though I find it now to be about 50/50 English and Japanese mix.

I thought that ‘immersion’ would have a greater impact on my language growth but the truth was that my gains were so slow that I thought I must have been too stupid to learn Japanese.

Started hitting the books and all that changed.

Hollywood lied to me! I didn’t just magically learn how to speak a foreign language in a 3 minute montage.


Level 60 isn’t the end (nor do all Burned), but if I finish this, I am closer to the end. (True end is of course reading comprehension…)


Hows your English reading ability doing?

Man, I should’ve taken past-me’s advice in this thread.

I finished up my Master’s degree last winter so that kept pushing my English academic register. My wife took to reading classic British lit to keep her English fresh.

Well I do always appreciate a woman who talks like she’s constantly in The Importance of Being Earnest.


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