Level 60- I made it

Well here we are. 2 years and 2 months after starting this journey, I have finally reached the peak of the WaniKani mountain. Must admit, it’s a damn good feeling. WaniKani has been an indispensable tool for me; a constant in a hectic world. Every morning, log on review, go to work, come home, review, repeat.
WaniKani has helped me more than I could have ever imagined when I started studying Japanese on TextFugu 3 years ago and has taken me to a place I never dreamed of. When I began studying Japanese I was severely depressed through bombing my college exams ( the first time I had ever really failed anything properly) and in turn, I turned down the chance to study Criminology at university to instead work dead-end jobs, as I believed, that was all I was good for.
Then a friend of mine introduced me to One Piece. And I fell in love. And then, I looked into it further, and found it that it was an anime- something I didn’t know existed. For a couple of months, I immersed myself in that world- watching and gradually enjoying life a little more. After some research, I discovered that One Piece was originally a manga- which, again, I had know idea about what it actually was. And I fell in love all over again- reading all genres of manga I could find.
But, here is where things changed. I found out that many of the manga I was reading (on an app at the time) hadn’t been translated into English- and naively thought, “Oh, I’ll just go learn some Japanese then”. That was possibly the best choices I have ever made. I stumbled through some textbooks before finding solace in TextFugu (which made the basics so simple and is probably the main reason I am still going) and then discovering WaniKani was a tool made by the same website/company. And I was sold. From then, I haven’t looked back- studying the language, culture, food etc. at any chance I got.
And, the real clincher is, I have been accepted to a Japanese Studies University Course (In the UK), starting in September- a position I never thought I would find myself in 3 years ago. I still have a long way to go but this is one hell of a change. Time for me to go finish my final level 60 lessons and get burning those turtles!
Thank you Japanese. Thank you Textfugu. Thank You WaniKani- you have saved my life.


Whoooohoooo!!! Congratulations!


Congratulations! :tada::tada:


congrats !


Congrats! Following you soon :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Congratulations and well done with all the work and effort you have put in.


Congratulations on 60 and your Japanese Studies course!
That’s really impressive! All the best! :sparkles:


Congratulations on your achievements! I’m so happy for you :smiley:

Would you like to tell us something more about how you studied? Getting accepted at a Japanese university after only three years of studying is something I can’t even imagine as I’m going sooooo slow myself :sweat_smile:

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Sorry, I might have been misleading. I have been accepted at an English university to study Japanese. Christ, I wish I was good enough to study at a Japanese university.

I’d say the best thing from when you reach level 20 or so is to just read as much as possible- and struggle through; because there will be a lot you don’t understand. Researching the grammar and kanji you don’t know after reading it helps enforce it more than simply studying from a textbook. :smiley:


Reaching lvl 60 is a great achievement in itself butit seems there it’s a lot more to celebrate here! Congratulations! :champagne::tada:


One Piece is so amazingly motivational :heart: I don’t read much manga or watch anime anymore, but I began reading One Piece when I was 10 and am still enjoying it :slight_smile: So what a great series to help you get through your rut and set you on an amazing path! Congratulations and hope you always have a nakama in your corner supporting you in your new adventures, fictional or otherwise :laughing:


I just started my journey about a week ago so this is incredibly motivating to read. Congrats and thank you for sharing your story!


Welcome to the community!



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Yey! Way to go! Go on and keep yourself on the right track. It’s really good to hear such things, not because it motivates me studying japanese, but because it’s good to see people whose lives have changed just cause they got to see things in a different manner through studying. If anything else, making it here already proves you’re worth and capable of anything you want to do in your life. Keep going <3


Congratulations! Motivational reading!

Did you use some “magical script”? How much time aprox. do you dedicate to WK at day?

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Well, it depends on the reviews. Most days, there are about 300 reviews ( give or take). I tended to level up one every 2-3 weeks. So, not a lightning pace but not slow either.
The script I would recommend most is (other than the Ultimate TimeLine) the WaniKani Self Study Quiz script- as it helps to re-enforce what you have just come across in the lessons.
I would say to never skip the vocabulary lessons at all as they really help drill home the kanji meanings and readings seeing them as they are in normal language. But most of all, just keep it up and go at your own pace- you can race if you want but the end is the same for everyone.


Congratz!!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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That’s fantastic! Congratulations! I hope your life continues in this path! Making it to Level 60 (without cheating) is a really big feat. Good luck with the rest of your Japanese learning journey! :grinning:

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Excellent story! Next stop, start saving to go visit Japan!!

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