Level 60. How Long Did it Take YOU?

You’re thinking of the Leebo with Naota from FLCL as his icon… that’s the guy who was level 60. This level 9 guy with a husky icon is just some random new guy with the same name.


link his profile

432 days … today is the big day!


I ate him.


Follow up question: now that you are doing it how do you feel about the 4-5 day 40+ level?

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I haven’t reached that phase yet :stuck_out_tongue: It starts on lvl 46. I’m lvling up to 45 today, so I’ll soon start experiencing it. I’m aiming for 3d12h levels until I get to lvl 60.

Some things I think I can add though:

  • You don’t need to go full speed, mainly after lvl 30. If you started WK as a beginner in Japanese, you’ll soon realize that your kanji knowledge surpasses any other aspect in terms of Japanese learning.
  • Things get harder, but you also get better at learning. It’s not impossible to push yourself when you’re so used to showing up in here every day.
  • I think it will be hard to deal with all the reviews. However, if you pre-study the content or binge on new items on a tool like HouHou or @rfindley’s self study script., it will be alright. I’ve been doing all the kanji lessons that unlock after lvling up (around 28 on average) for around 6 or 7 levels and reinforcing with rfindley’s script. Everything is going fine.

Maybe @Vanilla and @xyzbuster will be able to give you extra info. They’re smart people.


Thanks for the info! I’m going medium-fast (9-9.5 days levels) because I’m bad at waking up at the same time to do reviews, and I’m basically made of typos, but it drags the last two days and feels so slooooowwwwww. Maybe I’ll try a self-study method to get my accuracy up.


In my opinion, your speed is totally fine! Even doing 10 days/level would put you in lvl 40 in around a year, which is pretty good. At this point, you become so good at learning kanji that you can easily learn new ones purely through exposure :slight_smile:

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And now I’m here, about to finish my first quarter of WK, (but i’ll take me 104 days because i’m slow) wondering how you and vanilla and xyzbuster (and so many others from your generation) can handle such amount of information and still strive to make the fast levels fast. Hopefully you encourage each other

it will be funny if in 6 months i manage to (hopefully) get to those levels and someone at level 15 wonders how I can possibly handle it. i guess it’s something you have to live.

And then in six months from now I appear with a free account, dead at level 18 or something :disappointed:

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104 days for the first 15 levels? that’s pretty fast…

For me, handling more information with SRS isn’t that bad - it just means an increase in the amount of time doing reviews due to moving through nearly twice as much content…

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Almost 60. It’s taken me about a year and nine months to get here. The tracker says my average is about 11 days on a level.

I also made the mistake of going SUPER fast during the 30’s and it all caught up to me. The 40’s got slower, and the 50’s have kinda been up and down.

Still extremely behind on vocab lessons, but I’m so close to 60, I’d rather just get to 60 and focus on vocab lol. The light at the end of the tunnneeelll.

Got here taking a few vacation modes for events and the like. Usually for 3-4 days. Longest level was 26 days because a lot of personal stuff was going on.


Yeah… 104 days for the first 15 lvls is totalllyy sloooooooooooooow! Come on, don’t be like that! :stuck_out_tongue: Be proud! You did very very well! Probably better than 99% of all the WK users, which btw, tend to be more hard workers than the average dude.

I would say the main 2 reasons we’re able to do this is because we’re here everyday to get the job done and also because we make sure to surround ourselves with the language, each in our own way :slight_smile: I’d guess one could call it a luxury, but it’s about using those small 5 mins of free time to make it worth :slight_smile:

Definitely! I talked with vanilla about this the other day. If it wasn’t for our friendly competition of pushing each other and the feeling of accomplishment one will get with finished WK, we would be better off spending our time reading more.

It’s the cycle of life my friend :wink: We were all once at level 15! Actually, we’re still here trying to get that golden badge :stuck_out_tongue:

When you get to level 21, let me know. I’ll send you a postcard! :v:


The half levels are actually levels 26, 46-47, 49+. I’m the only one in the group who has reached that far.

As for how I feel about them, rough is a good way to put. Although to be fair, I’ve technically been doing fast levels for more time than that. I think it’s was around level 38 that I began adding a levels worth of material to Houhou. Which means I’ve been doing a similar routine ever since beginning of February.

The way I’ve been able to handle this increased load is by building a routine, not necessarily a built in affinity for the language or learning. I’ve come here everyday, gone to HouHou everyday, and finished the reviews right around the time I woke up and throughout the day. The former contains a bunch of items which usually takes me about an hour. The rest takes me about another hour, with an extra hour for lessons and reviews. This totals to about three hours just for this part a day. I also experience a lot of Japanese material, sometimes with subs sometimes without. Obviously without subs is more rough, but either way I’m reviewing over words and sentences I hear through this mediums and get about 5 to 8 hours of Japanese exposure a day. I’ve basically partitioned it 1 hr for reviews, 2 to 3 hour rest for food and watching anime, 2 to 3 hr for class and studying, then a mix of them depending on the day. That is the routine I have set for myself and it has served me pretty far. In that, I am constantly picking up new words, practicing old words, and doing so within a schedule I can fit studying for classes.

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thank you, it just hurts to know the fact that i’ve got stuck in the 89% kanji guru’d in like three levels and so i’ve lost time there.

and that is exactly what worries me the most, i’m not sure i could be able to handle it.

Also, i love your profile pic

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I like that… Life is meant to be enjoyed not rushed.

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Oh, you’re adorable. I might have lost about 6 days in this first round of four but i’ll try my best to do better on the upcoming. Thanks for the flattering words

Yes, absolutely but i’ts like someone said in another post, if you really want to do it, you’ll find a way, so yeah it’s a luxury you’re paying on your own benefit. i usually make my reviews during lunch time and in the evenings, i confess i’ve made some reviews in the toilet at job :grimacing:

This is beautiful, i hope i can find someone around my level to compete with in a friendly fashion, for now i just focus on trying to be consistent and follow some of you guys who do exceptionally well

WaniKani is love, WaniKani is life

This! is motivational :blush: i’ll talk you back when i’m dead


Ah, I feel basically the same way. I keep thinking, man I should probably take like a month or two off to process all the information I’ve absorbed. A good chunk of the difficulties I am having now is remembering kanji and vocab I don’t hear that often from way back. Buuuuuut, I really don’t want to lose to you and @Vanilla sooooo bad, that I’m basically delaying that month or two until level 60. It’s rough definitely. I feel like I’m plowing through an avalanche :weary:. But it’s that competition that is really pushing me much beyond what I normally would be capable of doing.

Yup, I still remember seeing @jprspereira on the forums when he was like level 4. It was on the topic about experiencing the avalanche of items on level 5, which is crazy to think about nowadays. It’s like watching a friend of yours in grade school and comparing them to the adult version. You see all of the embarrassing mess ups and it makes you want it share them with the entirerity of the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Just continue working on your routine @Ninkastmin and sooner than you realize, you’ll be walking the steps of 現実 laughing with your sage-like knowledge.


We’re all learning Japanese for different reasons and at different paces, if you’re happy with what you’re doing don’t let anyone stop you. The goal is to complete it, it doesn’t matter how fast. In fact some people that try to go too fast end up burning out, I actually know this from experience as I burned out myself but I came back and here I am now. Keep on going, I’ll be rooting for you at the finish line.


I’m just about level 41 and it’s taken me 1 year 46 days.

I’m not yet at 60 because school got crazy at the end of last semester. As a result I got behind on my vocab reviews and refused to level any further until I had cleared the over 1500 review backlog. My average level up time is about 7 days 20 hours.

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My wife actually noticed the increase in workload at level 47, and complained, so i just maintained a 5-6 day level pace, which is comes out to around the same workload. As others said, the main thing is to finish!