Level 60. How Long Did it Take YOU?

I haven’t reached that phase yet :stuck_out_tongue: It starts on lvl 46. I’m lvling up to 45 today, so I’ll soon start experiencing it. I’m aiming for 3d12h levels until I get to lvl 60.

Some things I think I can add though:

  • You don’t need to go full speed, mainly after lvl 30. If you started WK as a beginner in Japanese, you’ll soon realize that your kanji knowledge surpasses any other aspect in terms of Japanese learning.
  • Things get harder, but you also get better at learning. It’s not impossible to push yourself when you’re so used to showing up in here every day.
  • I think it will be hard to deal with all the reviews. However, if you pre-study the content or binge on new items on a tool like HouHou or @rfindley’s self study script., it will be alright. I’ve been doing all the kanji lessons that unlock after lvling up (around 28 on average) for around 6 or 7 levels and reinforcing with rfindley’s script. Everything is going fine.

Maybe @Vanilla and @xyzbuster will be able to give you extra info. They’re smart people.