Level 60 after 3 years! and why trying to do one year was a terrible idea

I see. This reminds me of a similar experience when I was still learning English long long time ago. Now that I’m comfortable with using English on a daily basis, I guess I’ve forgotten most of the hardships throughout the learning process. It’s interesting to see how I could actually reflect from my past language-learning experience and relate it with my current journey in learning Japanese.

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Lol I love this part of your comment :joy:

So far I’ve only tried 1 children book. When I tried reading it months ago (I just barely knew kana and very few vocabs back then), I couldn’t comprehend even a single sentence. When I read it again recently, I was surprised to see that I could grasp almost everything with ease…it felt really empowering!

Thank you, I guess I shouldn’t feel too intimidated to try to read more sooner.

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Congrats on making it to lv 60! :partying_face: :tada:

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If you’re looking for something with structure that will help explain grammar as well, then I highly recommend checking out satori reader. It’s a paid service, but it’s the highest quality one I’ve found. Each line is professionally voice acted, and each chapter or page is annotated with either translations or explanatory blurbs pointing out a nuance of the language and things like that. Hard to explain but you can try it out for free, you can read the first 2 chapters of any story without a subscription.

For me, this is what really helped get me over the edge of tackling real native material. Prior to satori reader, I would dive into a game I bought excitedly and find I was a little too in over my head to make too much progress (although I still think it’s a good idea to try your hand at things you actually want to read or play even if they’re hard).

I did have a more solid foundation in grammar than you when I started, but satori reader offers a series called “nutshell grammar” which is kind of tailored towards the specific grammar points that come up throughout all the series on the site. So that might be a good starting point for you?

The key is patience! And be kind to yourself, you’re gonna get frustrated and it’s ok to take a break and come back to try again later. But as others have said, it really does (almost magically) start to get easier with time.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve heard of Satori reader but haven’t tried it yet. One of the first few things I realized when starting to learn Japanese is that there are so many great tools/services out there but they often come with a price. So I always want to make sure that I make a thorough consideration before deciding to spend on something. WK forum is really a great way to find thorough feedbacks like what you gave me just now :blush:

Congrats on making it to 60! :crocodile::crab: :cake:

I think that’s some solid advice you got there too, It’s very tempting to just rush through and reach the end of WaniKani but it’s good to remember that it’s never too early to start focusing on other aspects of the language.

Best of luck with the rest of your Japanese learning journey!


Congrats! I really enjoy your Youtube vids and the S;G Live translation. I’m lvl 30 now and so far did every level in exactly 7 days, but lately I was wondering if I should slow down a bit. It’s perfectly doable but it takes up so much time and I’m starting to feel the burn. Your post made me decide to slow down WK and spend that time on more reading. Especially since the first 30 levels are kind of the most important ones for what I read from other experiences.


Congrats I love your videos!!! <3

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After 3 years subscription i also thought, maybe it was better to take life subscription because i indeed want to become lv60, but i released that it will take probably 2+ years more, because iam kinda burned out again.

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ayy ty friend : D

i bought a lifetime sub midway through year two. i originally figured i could do it in a year so there was no need, and then i realized that it’s better to just take it at my own pace and focus on other things instead of just kanji haha. dont let the MAN tell you how to study!!!

according to wkstats, you’ll learn exactly half of the top 2000 kanji by level 30 and almost all the top 500 kanji, including almost all the n3 kanji and most of the n2 kanji. 30 is a good place to slow down and start practicing more!

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Right now going through Anki’s deck for 2k vocab if I am right.
But paying 300 bucks for a lifetime is too much for me now, if I would pay the rest of the subscription that adds up, I might consider going lifetime.

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Around how long or what level did you find yourself able to start applying that knowledge outside of WK itself, and begin to figure out basic readings? And what other resources did you use to supplement?

you start to figure out basic stuff really really fast, most of the kanji you encounter are like the first 500 which is about a quarter the way through. don’t let that stop you from starting even really simple stuff before then though, theres only so much you can physically study at once but reading’s always a good idea.
i was taking a class when i started that was using genki but i really really like bunpro for learning grammar. it connects to your wanikani account so it’ll hide furigana for any kanji you know which makes it really good reading practice too

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Awesome, thank you so much for the help!! And congrats on lvl 60!

I saw your video like it feels like so long ago…I didn’t know you actually posted stuff on the community though! Congratsss it’s a bit late but better late than never

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