Level 6 struggles

How can you see this graph? I tried looking for it before asking here but I can’t find anything like that.

Go here and input your APIv2 key:


It could be. That would depend on how many Kanji you do per day and having more items could make that batch stretch it the additional day.

Good on you for having a steady pace. I’ve been a bit more loose since hitting the fast levels :wink:

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Lmao, same.

Do I win?

Seriously, spending some more time on a level is no big deal, and there’s a good chance you’re gonna drop out of WaniKani for a bit entirely. There’s a whole lot to learn and kanji alone, while useful, won’t actually teach you the language as a whole - that 561 day gap is me kinda dropping out of Japanese entirely but the 63 days on lvl 9 for instance isn’t because I’ve given up on Japanese - quite the opposite actually, I’ve just been pretty consumed with vocabulary, grammar and consuming Japanese content instead of learning kanji.

This right here is the single most important realisation you need to have when learning a language. This is gonna be a journey that takes years, depending on what goal you set - and your entire life if you count every occasion where you learn something about the language. Why worry about a day? Or even a month?

Thanks you for the reply. A common misconception is that I am rushing. I am not, I’ve learnt enough about my learning process that rushing is not the way to go.

The real question I was asking was whether it is normal to deviate from your average level up time? This appears to have been answered (yes), so thanks for everyone who has reassured me of this. My reasoning for worrying to begin with, was that due to the SRS method of learning, it is possible to be overwhelmed with reviews very fast. I obviously didn’t make that as clear as I had meant to, nevertheless I have got my answer.

Thanks for all the reassurance to you and to everyone who replied!

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You mean you were spending all your time watching vtubers?:expressionless:


Man, that “listening immersion” is taking SOO much time :joy: I spent all week on it and there’s still new content left

I didn’t actually spend the whole week on hololive

Only a few hours per day

Still simp-free though

I’m only simping for the crabigator


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