Level 51 - 60 - Snap back to Reality


hahaha I’m not even doing all my reviews for the day, I’m just speeding through, seeing what sticks, and then working away at the stuff that didn’t slowly… it’s working kind of…

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Seriously. I slowed wayyyy down.

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59! Almost there!


Does anyone have a list of all the short levels?
I know 1, 2, most (all?) of 50 and at least one somewhere else… Would like a list if one exist, so I know when they come =)

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So from what I can see from IceCream’s chart…
46, 47 but not 48 (or they just took longer) and all 49-60. But isn’t there one odd one earlier as well? And lvl 1 and 2 =P

List (so far)

Any others?

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There has been several lists, but they are constantly changing, because devs keep moving a few radicals and kanji from a level to another. For instance I think level 25 used to be one of those short levels but it isn’t anymore.

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Thanks =)
The 25 one might be the odd one I was thinking about. Yeah, guess I might hit one by surprise, and just play catch up with vocab lessons (shouldn’t be hard =) )


Wow! Leveling up by surprise is something that never happened to me :blush:
I guess if this happens, you can just slow down on the kanji lessons in order to slow down the pace


Huge congratulations!

I’ve crossed out of Paradise and into Reality. Starting off a new year on the right foot! :sunglasses:

I think this is also the first time where I had less than 42+ items at the start of the level (crossing over into level 51 I had 41 items).


Magnificent !

Can anyone tell me which script shows these fancy numbers?

Not a script. https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/

Thanks, I thought it was visible somewhere on the dashboard.