Level 51 - 60 - Snap back to Reality

Yippe! Level 58! Two levels to go!

Level 59!!! One level to go till 60!

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Hey look at that, 60.


Congratulations!!! Love to see your stats XD

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Not exactly the most consistent but sure, here you go:


I don’t really see a problem. :slight_smile: If showing one’s progress keeps up motivation, nothings wrong with that. [quote=“disherm2, post:26, topic:16768, full:true”]
Hey look at that, 60.

Congrats! Hope to join you soon. :relaxed:

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Awesome thanks for sharing!

Great to see your dedication and consistency!

The Final level reached!

Thank to ProzarPicus for making a cake to celebrate my level 60 <3

I also made a quick brownie cake to celebrate as well :smiley:


Nice work, man! Like a god damn speeding bullet. :slight_smile:

Did you skip vocab on the way or does your review queue look like hell itself now?

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No lessons skips :slight_smile: so it is as you expected, review queue hell.
Averages between 300-400 reviews a day as a result.

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Well yeah, I was looking at your profile to see how many in your guru / master pile. Over 1000 in both. I feel you :open_mouth:
I was at 850 when it was too much for me to handle. Now back to 600, which is my most successive pile size I guess! Still 3 to go!


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And I thought 130 a day now was bad…


Yay! Level 51 and into Reality! I am starting to think about what I should study once I reach level 60. So far, Breadstickninja’s WK expansion pack on memrise sounds like a good option.


Already pumped for more learning after WK!

I’m after grammar, writing nice sentences and speaking now :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I love the cake. I think everyone deserves a cake when they finish WaniKani.

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Nice. I already have most of the N2 grammar down. I need to focus more on my active Japanese skills (speaking and writing), as my passive Japanese (listening and reading) is already decent.


Yay, I finally reached level 60, and it’s my birthday! :grin:

Today is waaay too good a day.


Double congratulation!! :wink:

Congratulations and happy birthday!

How long did it take you to get to 60 :)?

Every morning there are mountains to climb
Taking all my time
Oh, when I get up this is what I see
Welcome to reality

(not that I’m anywhere near there myself, but working on it! Grats to everyone who’s made it so far ^^)