Level 5 hike, who is also struggling? -____-'

Hey all, with Level 5 I feel like I hit a wall. All of a sudden I have real difficulties to remember the Kanjis. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t stop me from using WaniKani. I just wanted to know if you experienced simular with Level 5 or any other Level. And how you got through it.


It’s turtles all the way down


I remember level 5 having a spike in lessons. If you’re doing all/a lot of lessons as soon as you level up/in one go, it might be smart to start defining a (smaller) x number of lessons to do every day. If you haven’t already, I advise you to read my guide to WK (mainly chapters 4-7):


Don’t worry, it’ll only get harder :wink:

But the difficulty will shift towards recalling items you learned months ago. Sometimes I get an item during a review and be like: “Wow, have I ever seen this one before?”

On the other hand you’ll become better at distinguishing kanji. I rember struggling with 午 and 牛 for instance but now the difference is clear. And you’ll become better at memorizing readings after realizing there’s not that many possible on’yomi readings. In addition, in many cases you could gess the reading by the kanji’s components.

So, keep on learning, you’ll get better!


I remember going through multiple barriers just to get to level 10. Initially all the kanji look different enough that they aren’t too hard to distinguish. You’ll have to eventually shift to more closely remembering radicals and mnemonics.

You can do it.


Thank you all for the support! \o/


Absolutely. I’ve been feeling like this for a week now :slight_smile:


One of the problem I always had is that I am impatient. Instead of taking my time and really look at the Kanji, I just write the first thing that comes to my mind. This worked fine with the first levels, but the Kanji are getting now more and more complicated. So I really need to take my time to assess which radicals are used and what mnemonic is behind that.

Honestly level 3 so far took me the longest (17 days).
5 took me 10 days and it’s declining each level.

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