Level 42 | I am disappoint

To be honest I kind of expected something to happen upon reaching level 42 on the level of what happens when you search “do a barrel roll” in google or something at least. Or something along the lines of when you search Wizard of Oz and click on the ruby slippers or or what used to happen when you search for Infinity Gauntlet and click the glove icon.

I did get access to the other thing though and well uh that’s…just…whoa.


But Koichi is proud of you! What greater reward is there than that?

If you, gasp, don’t like that, there are the fast levels ahead of you now.


Check the forum groups you’re part of… :smirk::smirk::smirk:


I too was disappointed.


Here, have a pan-galactic gargle blaster to make yourself feel better*.

* I use the phrase “feel better” to describe a state of mind which is more intact than say, after TWO pan-galactic gargleblasters


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


SECRETS! I can’t wait to get to 42 and be in on it…

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Even worse. There is no level 69.

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Who told you that? You can only see levels above Level 60, except for Koichi’s level, when you get to Level 61 or higher. Koichi, for example, knows several WK users that reached Level 69.

  • Level 42 lifetime user forever
  • Going to move on

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