Level 30... GET!

Madee Level 30 last night! Let’s call it 260 days to get here.

Goal is to be finished by end of October, but I will be happy if I pull this off by end of 2021. My goal is 60 by 2021 and all burned by mid-2022.

Worst level was going from 28 to 29. I was struggling with some leeches so instead of focusing on leveling up at the expense of all else, I took the 2 extra weeks to bring that number down.

I adjusted my routine when doing new lessons as well. Now I will do lessons, 2 hours later I will use BishBashBosh on Apprentice 1 items. Then 2 hours or there about, I will do my Apprentice 1 to Apprentice 2 reviews. This seems to have them stick easier and better for Apprentice 3 - Guru 1 at least.

I also like using BBB for practicing my oldest Guru items and while I still fail some of the older ones from time to time, it’s sticking easier after another failure or 2.

Since people like pictures, here’s my WK stats graph. Yay for me!


You are so close to acquiring the power of knowledge. 諦めないで👏



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Congrats! You are half way there!

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