Level 26 - vocabulary 津波

Hi community,

I just passed level 26 within about three days. After leveling up I discovered I had to learn about 120 vocabularies before the first radical showed up. It was very stressful and I’m not sure if I will keep such an amount of new words in mind. And the pile of reviews gets unpleasant.

Is there any possibility to avoid this? I’m using the AlliCrab iPhone app. There is no reorder script. And the reorder function of the WaniKani app doesn’t work at the begin of a new level, you have to learn all vocabulary first.

I’m asking because of the 50-60 levels…

Any help highly appreciated.

Hmm Firefox allows you to download and use scripts even on mobile, so maybe you could try to do that whenever you level up and want to do the radicals and/or kanji lessons right away? And then you can resume the rest of your lessons and reviews as you’d like in the app as usual

I don’t think this applies to IOS.

It is recommended that you do this. The vocab is there to reinforce that kanji. I you really want to continue before completing the vocab lessons then I suggest doing only the radical lessons on a computer to put them into rotation so you can progress, and then doing the vocab a bit every day.

Ooo I overlooked the iPhone part :see_no_evil:

That’s normally no problem. But when you want to speed up these certain 3 days levels you suddenly must learn new 120+ words instead of about fourty at the moment of leveling up. I had learned all vocabulary of level 26 before that point. And there is usually enough time to learn all vocabulary within the normal 7 days step by step, e.g level 27. The problem is that the radicals of level 27 didn’t show up before I had to learn that popping up 120+ of the prior level after leveling up. That makes no sense. And I don’t want to “lose” days by splitting them up in smaller amounts.

It makes a lot of sense that you have to complete one level before starting another. However, if you want to review on mobile just use the reorder script on a computer once to do the radical lessons and you’ll be set.

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Without the reordering script there is not so much you can do, you could try to set “Lessons Ordering” in the settings to “Shuffled” to occasionally see a radical if you only have mobile.

Basically WK is designed to finish the whole levels first, [and in levels 50–60 you don’t have time to spread the vocab much anyway if you want to go fast].

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Honestly, since you have a lifetime subscription already, just slow down a little bit! Then spend your newly found free time studying grammar, or other aspects of the language.

The idea of getting through all 60 levels as fast as possible is attractive, but unless you are in a time crunch, for example traveling to Japan in 3-6 months, there’s no great reason to do it. Finishing wanikani in 18-20 months instead of 12-13 will not hurt your japanese learning in the long term, and may even help.


Thank for the advice. Maybe I use at least the shuffled option.

That’s exactly my situation. I have a project in Japan in late fall. And I want to increase my reading ability until then. WaniKani is perfect for that. But I already know at least 50% of kanji because I also grew up with Chinese. So I’d like to keep the speed. Actually it’s no big problem at the moment because it was only one level. But I wonder how to deal with level 50-60.

The later levels (50+) have less vocab, maybe around 80 words per level. I also feel it gets easier to remember the words, you have a good intuition for the readings and word formation at the end.

Personally, I don’t really feel the urge to go max speed through the various tombs, mausoleums, hollyhocks and Noh chantings that await in the last levels. Going from level 45 to 60 nets you 3% more kanji on JP Wikipedia (95% —> 98%). I don’t need to save a day or two to read kanji I probably won’t see anytime soon anyway.


Thanks for the constructive advice! That’s good to know!

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