Level 21 before 2021!

I’m in!! I’ve been grinding on my japanese studies since quarantine.


Perfect! Welcome!

Gotcha, thanks! I think I picked the correct star then. :slight_smile:

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I did it 2w ago Yooohooo!


Yay! Congrats!

What was level 11 to 21 like? I know that the first 10 levels are called Pleasure and the next 10 are called Painful. Was there a big difference in workload or difficulty?


Yes, there’s a noticeable difference - load will only increase.
There’s one a bit unobvious fact:
When you go through your apprentice kanjis and words you have a steady and easy to understand stream of kanjis and words - about 100 vocab a week, if you go at max speed. Let’s focus on vocab for simplicity.

You have lessons, apprentice 2,3,4 and finally Guru level - that means 5 reviews per entry in 1 week (including lessons).
Let’s call that an initial load of 500 RPW (reviews per week) (5 reviews * 100 words).

When the first Guru vocab return (I’m using Ultimate Timeline for tracking) for review you basically have +100 to the load - 600 RPW.
Then you have Guru 2 - 700 RPW and Master in about 2 month from the beginning - 800 RPW.
And you know what? I’ll burn my first Enlightened this Sunday. That means 900 RPW for me from now on. Consider that from level 46 levels become 2 times shorter and you have double the amount of words per week (1400 RPW? Oh my…).

WIthout a routine it’s impossible for me to learn at full speed.
Sometimes it’s exhausting, but looking at my level graph at wkstats.com makes me proud of myself and motivates to continue. Also strictly sticking to SRS intervals helps a lot (I’ve mentioned it here: Forecasting Reviews on the Dashboard).

They’re “painful” because you’ll notice that change in the load.
Brace yourself :slight_smile:


Wow, that graph! Are you even human? Seriously though, good for you.

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Wow that’s awesome. Thank you!! Great to see the projection!


So… If I continue with 10 days per level, I will reach level 30 by the end of the year. That’s crazy!

I’m not going to update my official goal now, and if I update it I won’t update it to more than 25, but it’s nice to know that 30 is within reach. My first goal is 21 (should reach that in September/October), my next goal is 25 (should reach that in October/November) and then we’ll see. I know that until now the levels have been “Pleasant”, the next 10 levels will be “Painful” and the 10 after that will be "Death). I think it’s wise to not underestimate how much the workload will grow when the Enlightened items start to come back to either be Burned or demoted to Guru. That plus the increase in kanji difficulty will make it wise for me to go slowly. I know that I often go too fast too soon and burn out. I don’t want that to happen this time! So for now, my goal is still 21. (At least officially in the list. Not going to deny that my real goal is at least 25, maybe 30. Still not going to update my goal until I reach 20 and see that 21 is within easy reach).


Same here :slight_smile:
I was already a bit surprised by the additional workload of the mastered elements coming back to be enlightened, so I am a bit worried about these one coming back to be burned. I guess it’s just good to mentally prepare myself that the workload will become more and that the leveling up might just take a little bit longer. I am just hoping not to get overwhelmed by the increased workload.


I’m getting burn items now. I don’t mind doing huge amounts of reviews. It’s the number of lessons that hold me back when I level up. If I don’t do all my lessons in one go, it takes me days and days and days and days to find the motivation to do my vocabulary lessons.


This is my heatmap. See all the light yellow boxes in the end of August? That’s when I’ll start to burn things. So until then everything will just keep piling up. I kind of want to go faster and get my average time per level down, but that just means more reviews. Right now I have about 200 reviews per day, which is OK. I don’t want that many more now, knowing that the burn reviews will come in soon!

And here is my distribution right now. Trying to keep Apprentice below 150 and new lessons per day at 20 or below.


As long as I keep my Apprentice below 150 and don’t do any lessons when Apprentice is too high, I think I’ll be fine. Level ups will be slower if many items go all the way back to Apprentice but that’s OK. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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I’m completely opposite - my brain can’t handle much more than 20 items per day and I prefer to spread it out. I love how WaniKani is so structured and still so flexible so everyone can find what’s right for them!


Slowly making my way :slightly_smiling_face: got to level 4 yesterday!

One question tho…
What happened to 大いに and 今日は?

They appear as “unlearned” in wkstats.
I don’t have any skipped lessons and can’t find them when I search for them on Wanikani.
I’m assuming they were taken off for a reason and it’s not my wanikani hiding them from me, right? :sweat_smile:


Where did you get these graphs from?

My first burn should happen on Tuesday^^ I am excited since the whole stack gets smaller ^^

My distribution looks like this:

So most of my items are enlightened. My apprentice is quite high currently but that’s ok as about 90 are from this level and also another batch from the level before. I will clear that up until I level up.

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One is the dashboard cockpit script and the other is the heatmap script

900 Enlightened! Good luck with your burns when you get them. Please let us know how you do with them!


I can’t find them either. Strange…

Strange, I don’t remember studying 大いに or 今日は. Maybe they were vocab in a previous version of WaniKani and wkstats hasn’t updated the vocab list. I think if you use version 2 of wkstats, you’ll find the updated list of items. I don’t think version 1 is being maintained?

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大いに and 今日は have been removed from WK


This is exactly what happened; the first time I went through the first seven levels of WK back in 2016, I learned these terms. I didn’t notice they were gone until I checked WKstats v1 and they were there. I guess they’re just not very useful so WK got rid of them.