Level 21 before 2021!

Perfect! Welcome!!

Well, as long as we don’t have a repeat of level 5/6, we’re right on track :joy:

Screenshot_2020-05-29 wkstats Level-up


I started genki in university then I dropped Japanese class to study Spanish. 9 year later, I finished genki by myself.


My first 10 enlightened items! Compensating for a stupid mistake this morning which will delay my level up by 2 days :frowning:


I’ve done it guys. It’s finally happened. We’re on our way up!


Thanks for the encouragement, as always :blush: I saw your post about people’s study schedule for leveling up and I felt like people here would benefit from discussing that too! So here’s what I did for level 8:

Day 1: reorder script, level 8 all radicals and kanji
Day 2: level 7 vocab
Day 3: rest of level 7 vocab, some level 8 vocab (1st batch)
Day 4: rest of level 8 vocab (1st batch)
Day 5: level 8 kanji + level 8 vocab (2nd batch)
Day 6: level 8 vocab (2nd batch)
Day 7: level 8 vocab (2nd batch)
Day 8: level 8 vocab (2nd batch)

I do lessons in the morning, and on the 4th and 8th evenings I unlock new kanji/the next level. Aside from radicals/kanji I mostly stay under 25 lessons each morning. At the start of each level I map out what’s gonna be released when.
Usually half of the kanji and 1/4 of the vocab are part of batch 1. The rest of the kanji and roughly 1/2 of the vocab are batch 2. Usually 40 vocab remained locked until the next lesson. That’s just been the algorithm for me so far

What’s everyone else do?



I’m tempted to join, but working full-time and trying to balance Japanese with other hobbies makes me feel like 21 before 2021 might be a stretch for me :confused:

I’m leveling up in a few days and buying the yearly subscription this weekend, but I’d have to steadily manage 10-days levels until the end of the year if I am to try to reach that goal. I might try to settle for completing level 15 as a minimum, and reward myself for any extra level beyond that. What do you think? At the beginning I thought it could be too underwhelming to set level 15 as a minimum goal when I’m cruising through for now, but on the other hand, at level 3 I’m sure this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to workload.


Don’t worry!

I work full time as well and have a few more projects I’m working on. It seems like my pace is about 20 or 25 days per level. Don’t get discouraged at all.
I’m super competitive so this thread is actually making me be less lazy than usual. If I don’t reach level 21 by January that’s okay, I’m just learning.


This is the most important part, yes! I’m not in a rush and I don’t have deadlines (not studying this for any journey to Japan nor for professional reasons, I just want to be able to read in Japanese), so as long as I just don’t give up I’m succeeding. :slight_smile:

I also understand the competitive comment. In a way, doing this with other people also holds us accountable as everyone is moving forward and so should we.

Right now I don’t do anything other than Wanikani and reading a bit (I’m reading Yotsubato! since it’s simple and adorable so it doesn’t feel like studying at all), so I have a more relaxed pace, but I’ll just focus on making my own baby steps.

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You’re in the right place!

I definitely understand the feeling towards reading Japnese. The characters were what attracted me to the language. I want to learn Arabic, Korean, and Russian also because of how pretty the writing is.

Grammar though… I have some work to
do. I hate grammar. I’m trying to read a book so maybe I’ll subconsciously learn it.


Thank you for the advice! I finally managed to add myself (and I have pretended that I joined 2 levels ago :joy:).

I actually made it to level 10 yesterday, the avatars don’t always keep up it seems. Anyway, yay, halfway! :tada: Hopefully see you here soon too!

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Thanks, will do. We got this!

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oooh i am definitely in!

i’m learning japanese as a side-hobby so i am definitely taking it slow, but reaching 21 before 2021 should be doable~


Added myself to the list. Currently leveling up at a pace of 1 level every 10 days. But I expect to go slower as I pass level 10 as I intent to work on my grammar then. (doing Genki 1). Does anyone has a good srs program for the vocab in Genki I ?


there’s a Genki deck for Anki

I do not like anki much as it makes me cheat. I saw several decks on memrise, maybe i’ll give those a try.

I don’t use it but I see Torii SRS being mentioned a lot around here for Vocab SRS. But I don’t know if it matches what you’re learning through Genki. Maybe give it a shot if you don’t like Anki?

yh try torii for srs vocabulary. I really hate that memris/kitsune and others think that if you repeat new word 5-10 times it would be better for memorisation. Makes it painful to learn new words because the speed is super low. While in torii i can go thorugh 20-30 new words in a few minutes. Only during review stage i would pay more attention to the words that dont stick. + super friendly interface makes it easy to review them 2-3 times a day.
i would say 650 words from jlpt 5 deck in torii matches around 90% vocabulary appearing in genki 1.

Joined! I’ve recently slowed my pace from ~10 days per level to around ~15 per level as I am now adding grammar study to my routine.

Speed attracts me, but I like to stew in a new language so vocab becomes sticky in the early phases. For me it pays big dividends to not rush too much.


Welcome! Slowing down and adding grammar sounds good.