Level 21 before 2021!

Welcome! You can do it!


I really love this music video! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the progress!

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Found this a couple of months ago, nice lil bop


I think that the intent to limit yourself is what is more important than actually limiting yourself. Rephrasing your study in terms of items you “get to study” has been really helpful for me. I try to limit my lessons to around the same but sometimes I treat myself and do more. I actually end up retaining alot more anyways. Before I was always daunted by the fact that I “had” to complete a certain number of reviews each day. Now each additional lesson is a reward. Basic operant conditioning at its finest :joy:


Weekly Update CW20 :mailbox_with_mail:

Hello again everybody!

Attached you will find the lastest version of the leaderboard, as well as some simple level projections!

As you can see, even if you are just starting up now or are planning to reset, it is still very much possible to make it in time in a moderate pace. :slight_smile:
Also, congrats to everybody who leveled up this week! :hot_face:
ウィ・キャン・ドゥ・イット! :sparkles:

PS: If you haven’t noticed yet, you can now also add yourself to the Leaderboard in the Wiki in the first post. 2021 Leaderboard Wiki

Leaderboard :rocket:

Setting up the Leaderboard

The Leaderboard can be installed to your Dashboard via the following Userscript:
[Userscript] Wanikani Leaderboard

If you are missing in the Leaderboard or want to join, just write it here or add your name to the Wiki in the first post! :slight_smile:

Projections :chart_with_upwards_trend:

There are 33 weeks left until 2020-12-31T23:00:00Z

Your pace ⇉ by 2021 Your lvl ⇉ avg pace
20 days / lvl +11 levels I level 1 11 days / lvl
14 days / lvl +16 levels I level 5 14 days / lvl
10 days / lvl +23 levels I level 10 21 days / lvl
7 days / lvl +33 levels I level 15 38 days / lvl

Oh man that’s fire.
How do you read 北上? Is it ほくじょう or きたかみ?


Know I’m a bit late to the part here but I would totally like to join you guys, my plan is to be at level 30 by the end of the year (currently level 6) I think that should be a comfortable speed for me not too fast but not too slow either (although I reckon I will be going a little faster while I have extra free time in lockdown)


I reset back to level 8 so I’m not sure why my community avatar shows level 10. Anyway! Happy to join this! I’ve reset from level 10 to level 5, then reset from level 15 to level 10 then reset from level 13 to level 8. Maybe this time it’ll stick!


This music video could be a promotional video for WaniKani haha! I can understand so much of the kanji )^o^( thanks for sharing!


I’m going for the same goal! From level six I think it averages to about 9-10 days/level. 頑張りましょうね :smile:


Yeah at 10 days a level that takes me up to 5th January 2021 (Used WK Stats to find that out) Should totally be doable!



You probably have to sign out from Wanikani (the main page, not the community) and sign in again to get the avatar to show the correct level.

Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!

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I’m so glad I came across this thread! It seems so active and welcoming, and I’d really like to join.

Like quite a few others I’ve seen on here, I started WaniKani a while ago (about 3 years, yeesh), made it to the early 20’s and then burned out and didn’t come back for 2 years. So some weeks ago I reset from Level 1 and restarted the whole journey - but even though I KNOW I burned out last time, I’ve still been racing through the levels, averaging just under 8 days each.

Seeing and reading this thread has reminded me that going slower is ok, even good, so hopefully you guys will be able to hold me back from rushing :innocent: slow and steady wins the race after all


That is exactly what I thought when I stumbled across this thread earlier today! It’s kind of encouraging knowing that you’re doing with other people I think.


Agreed! And when I originally joined I remember always seeing comments about how the community is one of the best things about WaniKani, but at the time I was sort of too shy to post. This time around I’d like to get more connected to the lovely people on here


Yeah you definitely should! I’ve not been on here long, a little over a month now, and I find myself visiting this more than WK itself :sweat_smile: I’ve never been active on any forum ever really, but I wanted to get involved on this one because everyone seemed so nice!


I don’t know if I already commented but just wanted to clarify that I’m in! I’m building momentum!


And also it says I’m still level one. Does it say that on everyone else’s also?

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