Level 20 - how do you suggest I learn from here?

I have been on and off with Japanese over the years but have found Wanakani to be great. It has taken around 16 months to get to this point (I had around three months off and then it took me another couple of months to clear the decks and catch up - won’t do that again!). Figure if I maintain reasonable consistency I can get through this in another two years.

My question is as per title. Where to from here? I got about half way through Genki I but I am a pretty ordinary book learner. Could maybe finish at pinch.

Thinking of putting lessons on hold for about 2 months and just doing daily reviews so I can dedicate some time to reading and grammar and sharpening up what I know as there are definitely some holes and I feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. Assume within a few weeks the reviews will drop and I’ll also get quicker/better and maybe only need about 45 mins a day or so soon enough? So I can maybe put in another 1 hr 45 mins on top of that most days.

NHK, Sartori Reader??? Other things??? What are your thoughts for that amount of time at this point in my learning? I’ve tried iTalki but didn’t feel I was quite ready; perhaps when I drill down some reading and get beyond where I am currently at in a few months’ time.


You have 153 apprentices right now, it’s quite a lot, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. I would stop doing lesson until at least the apprentice number drop under 100 and then start doing lesson again slowly, while monitoring it.

All of them sound extremely difficult with a mid-Genki 1 grammar knowledge. Maybe power through at least Genki 1 before doing anything. But the absolute beginner book club is also a good option.

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Thanks. I have some basic grammar. I just also feel like I need to start re-enforcing some of these words and kanji in context before I start losing more of what I know! So you think that other reading is too much at this stage.

I am quite motivated but feel a lot of frustration - in some ways I feel like I have learned quite a bit but in a practical sense I almost feel I have learned so little for the amount of time I have put it. Am just trying to maximise my returns as it were and also do my best given I’m not a great book learner.

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