Level 16 急 mnemonic is redundant

I’ve seen a lot of these sorts of mnemonics by now, but this one really got to me. The mnemonic is:

“Wolverine’s heart enclosure is failing – hurry, we need to fix it! He’s been stabbed and his adamantium heart enclosure is falling apart. We need to repair it with more adamantium. Hurry! There isn’t much time.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the definition of far-fetched and redundant? Wouldn’t it be more intuitive to use something more along the lines of: “The wolverine got out of its’ enclosure and your heart is pounding - you have to HURRY”?


The idea might be to give the mnemonic more detail so that it is more easily buried in your memory - and faster.

I have a couple of problems with it.

  • It’s an unnecessary pop culture reference. I told my fiancée about Wolverine just last week while playing Marvel vs Capcom.

  • It’s unintuitive, which should make it less likely to stick in your head. When I think of hurrying and wolverines, there’s pretty much one thing that comes to mind.

  • The wolverine being stuck in an enclosure was established several levels earlier (the Conflict kanji, I believe), so there’s that for consistency as well.

I burnt that kanji long ago and even though I don’t need the mnemonic anymore, I can still remeber it, so I guess it’s not that bad after all. Maybe that’s because helping someone who’s badly injured has strong association with being in a hurry, while keeping some wolverine in an enclosure is not something I naturally care about, so it’s more difficult to imagine myself hurry for that reason.

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Not every mnemonic is a winner in everyone’s book. But, you can make up your own.
There’ve been a few dealing with Lord Of The Rings, which means absolutely nothing to me. Hell, even the radicals Ent and Sauren. No clue what either of those things are. But, not going to complain about it.

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Don’t get me wrong, people. I don’t think I’ll have any particular problems with this one personally, just think it can be optimized a bit. :slight_smile:

Though I’d say being chased down by wolverines constitutes a medical emergency.

冗談だった。 :slight_smile:

Running for your own personal life is probably the most instinctual thing you could come up with, I’d say. We’re talking generally here.

I don’t like it because i need to google adamantium and find out that it’s imaginary comic book metal. It’s one of those “Knowledge will increase sorrow and grief” moments.


I made my own Wolverine (Marvel, X-Men) mnemonic for conflict myself, actually, when that came up.

*shrugs* To each their own. ^_~

I do agree that the one you’ve posted is redundant, as it literally says the same thing twice.

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