Level 15 vocabulary

Is it normal that the level 15 vocabulary 毒ガス has 2 pronouciations listed, but both of them sound the same?

They are also both listed as “Tokyo accent”

I think it’s just がす vs ガス, which feels weird since I don’t think I’ve seen it as がす before.

I think all the vocab items that contain katakana have the hiragana version as well. Presumably so you can type the answer in and not worry about switching to katakana/forget to switch back to hiragana.

The vocab item for Eiffel Tower has this (as do others that I now can’t remember)


It’s literally just there so the user doesnt have to mess around with katakana input. ビー玉 has the option for びー玉 but the only real way to spell it is the first. Same with シアトル市 and しあとる市 etc


@JenK Now that there’s a hidden whitelist, would it make sense to move the hiragana versions of katakana vocab to the whitelist since they’re really only there for convenience? Or is the whitelist only for meanings?


I see, thanks for the replies!

Wouldn’t it just be better to accept the hiragana written version without showing both of them on the card? Showing both Katakana and Hiragana version when only the Katakana one is correct seems strange


I agree. That’s what I just suggested in my previous post. I tagged a staff member, so let’s see what they say.

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I dunno about whitelisting because it should be made clear to the user that the convenient hiragana input will be counted as correct for the sake of mass reviews, but it should also be made clear that the hiragana is not an acceptable real-world spelling. It’s one of those tricky things like words that have 2 readings and meanings despite being written the same (like 際 and 際、さい and きわ respectively, which are not interchangeable but on face value appear identical). Hard to know what the best solution is.

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Sorry for the delay. Like others replied, the 2 pronunciations listed are supposed to be exactly the same.

Slightly different, but we’ve also had some users request that only katakana be accepted for on’yomi, but we’ll review some of the suggestions on this thread and discuss!

For the time being, it’s only for meanings but we might use the allow list for readings later on.


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