Level 11 ;)

I finally got to level 11, its taking me like 2 months a level…

ive had alot of extremely challenging times in my life this last … few years, even worse in the last year

im just glad that im managing to make any progress at all during these difficult times

week before last i got about 14 hours of sleep the entire week, between family medical emergencies, and natural disasters and my house falling apart around me… it was hell


おめでとう :tada:

But prepare yourself … since pleasant time is over :four_leaf_clover:


Sorry to hear about your experiences. You managed through all that. It is amazing dedication


Hearty congratulations @intangir san :slight_smile:

It takes a lot of guts and dedication to stick with WK even through such difficult life situations. I bow my head in admiration :bowing_man: :bowing_woman:

You are awesome :slight_smile: Take care of your health and family and then WK.

Hoping your troubles will clear away soon :crossed_fingers:


Hey, not sure if it’s fine in your culture but will you let me at least give you a digital pat on the back? You’re getting through this and will certainly get through!

Hope all goes well sooner than later! But please never to forget taking care of yourself these troubling times.


thanks all

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