LEVEL 10... GET!


I just made Level 10!

My goal is minimum of Level 15 by end of the calendar year with an eye to Level 60 (getting to the level NOT getting through burning it all) by end of 2021. Going to try for JLPT N4 or N3 December 2021. Wanted N5 this year but thanks to the pandemic, that plan is no longer an option.

I have studied on WK 82 of the last 82 days and average 127 reviews a day. 343 items Enlightened! WOOHOO!

Getting this far has gotten me back into book studying and trying to read Japanese where and when I can.

For the record, my longest previous streak in “learning” was 60 days. I then took a break because “Kanji is hard.” That was… February of 2020. And before that my longest streak was 30 days which was… well, quite some years ago.

I am not bragging I am celebrating. I have nothing to brag about given how long it has taken me to get on with Kanji learning… 20 years of “learning” vs LEARNING.

Finally think I can do this thing!


\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{CONGRATULATIONS!}}


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