Level 10 at last (and it only took 6 years and 3 months)

Well, not quite (a few days short of the full 3 months).

But, after many resets due to life getting in the way including thesis, finding a job, moving city, (those two happened a couple of times), mental health challenges and losing a grandparent, I have finally, finally surpassed my previous best of level 9!!!


Congratulations!!! I just hit level 9, so we’re pretty close :smiley:

welcome to learners of the long journey - also around 6 years of learning. I have also reset a few times and have reached level 14 for about the third time -my top level was around 22. slow and steady i say. life, work, travel and family gets in the way of my learning on a regular basis but i love learning japanese and will keep at it


Congrats! Sounds like a lot going on, doubly congrats on the thesis and sticking through it all!

Congratulation! I am impressed by your persistence to reach level 10! I’m so proud of you.

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Nice work!


I understand the staggered path to learning Japanese with life hurdles and I hope to reach level 10 soon now that I’m back in a position to study in my free time again!

Congrats again and on to level 11!

:partying_face: Congrats! Onwards! (Or massive pile of lesson-wards.)

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