Level 10! And a question to you guys

So I’ve just gotten an e-mail from tofugu for something off their store. There’s a few things on there that do seem quite alluring, but I figured I’d ask you guys for opinions first.

There’s that 4500 japanese sentences book. That sounds quite nice to me. I feel like it’d be a good learning tool, and perhaps it’ll help me pick up some speed again in my studies.

There’s also the ‘particles in action’ book, which would certainly help me study up on those particles.

Lastly, I guess I do find that name list quite interesting :o

What do you guys think? Are any of these worth getting?


I got both !

I haven’t started using them properly yet - but they seem like useful resources.

I wouldn’t buy them full price - they went on sale, for a fraction of the price… like $5 from memory. I imagine this will happen again during the Christmas period - if you can wait until then.




Well, I got a discount for turning level 10, so that’s not a problem :slight_smile:


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