Lets Write Short Essays in Japanese! 日本語で論文を書こう!

Hi All,

My Name Amar and this his is my first post, though I have been using Wanikani to supplement my studies for about a year now.

I was wondering if there was any appetite here to write short essays and critique them together?

I usually write my essays in English and try to translate it using my grammar and vocab knowledge, but sometimes I will write in Japanese from scratch for a challenge. Through this process I truly feel that my ability to recall vocab and construct sentences with new grammar greatly improve.
I usually show them to my italki teacher, but thought It might be fun to read each others essays here also.

So, lets write short essays in Japanese!

Here is one I wrote on Uzumaki (by junji ito) the other day:


The Fear Of Chaos

Phobias exist in all of us. Be it a fear of spiders, a fear of foreigners or the phobia that most of have, which is a fear of dyeing. However, little is known about other ‘obscure’ phobias, such as Xanthaphobia which is the fear of the colour yellow, or triskidecaphobia which is the fear of the number thirteen.
Imagine a phobia even weirder, say for example, the fear of spirals.
UZUMAKI, a horror manga by the brilliant mangaka Junji Ito explores this concept through a story that sees a sleepy coastal Japanese town, Kuruzo-chou, become polluted with what can only be called ‘The Spiral’.
The first chapter opens with the main character, Goshima Kirie meeting her boyfriend, Saito Shuichi at the train station when he returns from school. The normality of this setting is contrasted by the reveal that Shuichi ’s father has quit his job and has been completely obsessed with spirals.
The plot darkens when Shuichi’s father becomes so consumed by spirals that he even becomes a spiral himself, his body contorting in an inhuman spiral in a box and eventually dining.
The second chapter completely turns the concept on its head, focusing on Shuichi’s mother developing a fear of spirals, and ends with her being hospitalised after cutting off her fingertips for the spirals on them and stabbing herself in the ear for the spiral in her cochlea; she too eventually dies.
The strangeness of these opening stories resemble another great horror author, HP Lovecraft, and the themes contained in Junji Itos manga closely follow an idea of cosmic horror.
The manga continues to depict strange circumstances that develop over the course of a few months with the spiral polluting the town beyond recognition, including the lives of the townspeople who live there.
Though there is no catharsis for the conclusion of UZUMAKI, there is as it turns out, a name for the fear of spirals. It is Helixophobia; it is therefore important to remember that fear of strange things do exist, and for some people they are very real.


その事情は真実限り、人間の様々恐怖症はいつも広がっているばかりそうです。それは普通でも人間のあいまいな恐怖症はよく理解されていません。例えば、Xanthaphobia は黄色の恐怖症し、Trikskadecaphobia は数字の13が日常にいろいろな事情に起こっている恐怖症です。
伊藤潤二の傑作、渦巻き というホラー漫画に奇妙な事件が起こっている海岸でいる黒渦町に通してそういう概念を暴露しています。話に渦が黒渦町を汚染されています。
渦巻きのいろいろな話は他のホラー作家のHP Lovecraft のCosmic Horrorというテーマに似ています。

Please feel free to comment, critique and post your essays or writings. Id love to read them!

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Interesting thread. I love Junji Ito, and Uzumaki in particular. In fact, I just reread Uzumaki in Japanese a week or two ago for practice, so this is a bit of a coincidence.

I don’t want to spoil anything but I think the ending is actually quite sweet. It’s interesting that in Ito’s works, even with all of the uncontrollable, unknowable forces running amok there are still things like human love and courage.

I don’t have time to write an essay or anything right now but maybe I’ll try to later.

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