Let's watch/read Japanese news

Whether it’s NHK Easy News or a physical newspaper fresh from the streets of Japan, come discuss the news. The only rule: your source must be in Japanese only.

In speaking of, been seeing a story around, i think talking about a コンビニ tax? They keep throwing around the words 8% and 10%. Sounds like they’re charging extra for food that’s “take home”, but the rules themselves are confusing as people try to work around them to get the lower tax, i think. Anyone know more about this?

EDIT: clarity

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So… if we haven’t already randomly come across this story, we now have to go and find it on our own if we want to participate in this thread?

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No you can talk about any news, or ask any news related questions. Sorry, i probably shoulda broke up the first post into two

It would probably help if you cited the source of the tax story (or any story we talk about it), so that we can discuss it.

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To those interested in the tax story, i heard it on ANN NEWS/JapaNews on their YouTube livestream. I actually found it by searching “NHK News” in youtube haha. I could hyperlink the stream, if it’s allowed.

EDIT: The story headline actually says “Abema news/” which is making this even more confusing.

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Linking to Japanese learning resources on YouTube is always allowed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet! I ask cause some forums are really particular about links – some places even auto delete or auto ban, even if it’s topical. Didn’t want any inadvertent mishaps :tired_face:

JapaNews Livestream

And while im still writing this post…

This is so funny to me for some reason. It seems like the most jank way to get stuff to Earth but it’s probably the most efficient atm. I can’t stop imagining the space station is pooping tho. :toilet:

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The other day I read this news about a cat suddenly appearing in the catwalk during a fashion show :cat2:

Now if I could find a japanese news site with only cat-related news =^.^=


Ooo, I’ve seen photos of that wandering around the internet. Didn’t think to look for an actual news post about it.


(Just Googled 猫ニュース :stuck_out_tongue: May not be precisely what you had in mind, but there’s plenty more Google results to try out.)


Omg i saw the thumbnail for that but assumed something more boring like, Fashion Designer Uses Cat.
Im excited to read this now

EDIT: omfg the headline quote, i die


“It really is a catwalk.” Lol. :grinning:


Thank you for the link! I checked a few of the articles and the kanji doesn’t seem overly complicated for my current level, which is a plus ^.^

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Im a lil confused by this article. I get the gist, that the government is thinking about banning drones over the Olympic stadium over fearing potential terrorism, but the last paragraph seems to be repeating itself, like alot, to me, so i feel im missing something. What other details are there in the last paragraph?

The second sentence in the last paragraph is adding another clause to the law - “they’re making a law that drones must not be flown around the stadium. And furthermore, for drones flown without permission, the law makes it possible to… clean them up more quickly”… I think I’m misreading something there.

That said, I’d’ve thought the Olympic stadium would be covered by the drone laws already in place in Japan…

I read 片付けることができるようにします as “to make sure they can be cleaned up”.
Last line something like The government is thinking it wants to make sure it can make the law next year. unless 来年法律 has another meaning of its own.

I wish NHK reported more cat news.

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I think thats what theyre implying in the earlier paragraphs. My partner calls this “security theater”. Drone strikes by terrorists arent even a serious threat to Japan – or anyone – but people get really nervous when they constantly hear about terror attacks in the news. Japan fought tooth and nail to have the Olympics; they dont want anything negatively affecting turnout.

Me too hachi, me too

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Actually, i just remembered (not NHK News but still),

good neko story

EDIT: i want! restaurant! cats!


Some more information for anyone in denial about global warming…

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