Lets take on a new challenge!

Hey friends! Have you been looking for a sign to commit to further your learning?
Well, I offer one here! Today I want to invite anyone who sees this post to take on a new challenge into their learning (If you want to of course!)

The challenge can be big or small, but by commenting it on this post, you lock it in from now!!

Personally I will be adding 5 lessons to my daily amount now that I have finished uni! maybe soon I will do even more!!

Big or small, I believe in you to achieve your goals! and if no-one joins me, then this will be me locking in mine at least!!

good luck friends!


I’m Thinking About Comitting To bunpro More.
My Challenge would be to learn 5 grammar points per day.
But First I would Like to Know if Its possible.
So the first few days would be trail period.

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I have BunPro lifetime, and I would say it’s an amazing SRS system, but is almost useless without a learning source. You probably already know this, so ignore me if so haha, but Bunpro doesn’t teach like WK for example, it just kinda links to some resources but overall is more like Anki but focused <3

overall tho it’s an amazing tool! good luck my friend!!

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Bunpro Is Great With grammar youtubers So I made a youtube account just for bunpro.
The hardest part of bunpro is finding a specific video about grammar points. as I cant read articles about grammar points that much.
Like You said Bunpro is almost useless without a learning resource.


I’m committing to studying for and passing the N4…


BunPro has quite recently added a bunch of in-house explanations of grammar points for N5, N4 and N3. Higher level grammar is being worked on. he explanations are excellent. Do have another look if you haven’t for a while.


Oh that sounds amazing! I will definitely look again! i just started Genki as well

you got this!!

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