Let's show some progress for new users!

I agree it would be nice for a timeline to be built in by default. However, these scripts will completely change your turtle-burning, kanji-wrasslin’ life:

These are extremely awesome, community-made scripts that run as browser add-ons. If you’re using mobile, the Firefox browser will allow you to use these extensions as well. Installation instructions are in the links above.

Some other folks mentioned typing in kana. That’s outlined in this guide:

(Also available from the FAQ linked in the first reply by @Shadkat. Seriously, read the whole FAQ :+1:)

Lastly, romaji is a HUGE crutch that you need to wean yourself from ASAP. Even if you’re totally fresh to Japanese, you’ll be much better off by taking the extra time to make yourself comfortable with kana. The nice folks at Tofugu even made some guides to help you learn or brush up: :mortar_board: