Let's persuade Wanikani to add more levels

I think people overestimate how useful learning all the joyo kanji is. There are a number of kanji on the joyo list that aren’t commonly used and Japanese people don’t necessarily know all the joyo kanji (even though they’re theoretically “supposed” to learn them all in high school)


I know myself, if they add more, I will want to do them and I really want to be over with WK so don’t add new levels please. Not that I don’t like you guys or our Overlord Koichi but it’s been a long ride and I’m tired. Give me the fun part now lol


2013-01-09?? I was wondering if I might be one of the slowest to 60 but you’ll have me beat by a mile haha. That’s perseverance, massive props.

Oh yeah, before lvl 40 or so I wanted them to add another ten levels. But now I think they really shouldn’t. Sure there are still a lot of kanji to learn but at that point, I would either add them to anki myself or just sort of memorize how to read whole words, learning individual kanji of words like 魑魅魍魎 isn’t something you want to do


Thank you. I actually quit/went on a break a lot of time and life got in the way as well so it’s not like I took 2 months for each lvl or something but yeah, been here for a while

Just get lifetime subscription, then you don’t have to keep extending your membership


Ditto on this. Readings of the most common names would really be most helpful, much more so than solely completing joyo imho, especially since with names even rikaikun can’t help.

One is meant to slow down during the so-called “fast levels,” I think.

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I would spend a LOT of money on WK tees!

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They actually did a clearance sale of all physical items and Tofugu Store now only sells digital items. So no t-shirts, ever.

How about a t-shirt for my Mii? Or whatever online avatars the kids are using these days… :stuck_out_tongue:

Tamagotchi shirts?

Do you update the deck based on WK content changes? For instance, a few kanji are being added to WK.
Will they be removed from your deck?

I’m glad you’ve put in vocab. Any plans to add more vocab to help further reinforce readings? The only reason I ask this is because WK has over a hundred vocab per level and it seems about right for me for retention. It is possible that the number of vocab you’ve provided is plenty and the WK vocab count per level as inefficiently excessive, I just don’t know for sure.

Also kudos to @neicul for making a default layout that looks so clean without being boring.


I think they should add the remaining 4k words to complete the 10k most common words


Aren’t many of them kana-only words though? :thinking:

Also, like 4500 of the almost 6500 words in WaniKani now are in the core 10k

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I will stay loyal to the wkstats page just because WK class of 2015 vs. 2021 will have a different content experience and I don’t expect everyone to have lifetime or even continue to use the platform (ex. I don’t add new lessons here anymore). However I’ve added some notes if already added recently but for any missed them, it is pretty simple:

  1. You can immediately hibernate while doing lessons, a user can make a choice if they want to practice again or not. It you don’t remember, it will be your punishment to do it again :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. The known system for kanji has been requested like vocab. Status of WK API development, I’m not sure but this would make it easer for users to immediately hibernate their learned content here.
  2. Other users, such as my self, are SRS’n the content in the deck so we don’t want to lose progress, much easier for others to hibernate

I will add whatever anyone wants if not already there :slightly_smiling_face:

My process was more or less just seeing what the dictionary provided and adding what I thought would a) useful b) help reinforce the kanji. However, it’s slim pickings on vocab selection, you won’t get a vocab selection compared to a kanji like 家 where there are a ton of choices. Levels 50-60 here on not that different in that respect. So expect there are even more Jinmiyou kanji in the 60-70 deck which make actual vocab less useful for certain kanji. I’ve tried to add hyperlinks to name bases in the kanji cards to make note of this. This explains why there are ALOT of nature based kanji where readings will outweigh meanings IMO in terms of daily usage.

Genius. Colors palettes too, I enjoy looking at it daily which is important given time spent…the Saved by the Bell 90s color palette, not for me.


I’d imagine the wkstats page dynamically compares the WK content with pre-loaded lists to determine what Kanji are not on WK (given who has made the wkstats page), so I think starting loyal to that page would involve changing the content of your deck? :thinking:

This makes a lot of sense.

I had to look it up and it became immediately obvious what you meant :rofl:

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I believe it’s not dynamic (at least when I was making the deck), because there were kanji listed that I already knew and had been added to WK since that page was created. I believe the stats page was created by rfindley, there may be dynamic updates that I’m not aware or periodic changes.

I feel the safer bet is to have the content available in the deck so users can chose to use it or not. This is preferred than having gaps in the Joyo content which may vary from user to user. As mentioned, there are a fair number user already using the deck…I couldn’t just wipe their SRS progress and say “go back to WK to learn this kanji now”. Personally, given the performance between the platforms and level of autonomy, I’d much rather do it in Kitsun (though I don’t claim to have better mnemonics or preferred experience. Though I made some changes that I felt were helpful to help consolidate and have more readings, pictures, extra links, etc.).


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If you had just started with this, everything would have been clear form the start. You really need to … beef up your communication skills.


Oooooh I really need an expansion pack with all mathematics-related kanji right now

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Sadly, I don’t know of one, but there is this thread about maths and computer science that has led to the creation of a few book clubs and reading sessions. I’m not sure if it’s still active, but you can definitely take a look at what’s already been done and contribute your own ideas:

Maybe some new ideas will get the discussion going again! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve tried the Progate site that was mentioned for learning Java, and while it was pretty basic in terms of difficulty (I think that the course is really meant to be accessible even to people who have no programming knowledge at all), it was a good way to learn about the technical terms used in Japanese for coding (and also the word for arrow keys: 矢印キー).