:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

I fell in a such a huge slump after my double jaw surgery, that my mouth is already opening like it did pre-op. 4 month of almost no kanji, I had to reset 5 levels :sob: So I am back on the scenic route


Welcome back! :smiley: Coming back after a hiatus is not easy!


Level 20 ゲット! :tada:

疲れた〜 _(:3 」∠)_


I made it to lv. 52 today! :partying_face:! That means: no more N5, N4, N3 or N2 kanji! Just N1 left :smile: I know that nothing will change, but somehow this has always been a big mental milestone for me! Glad to have finally reached it! :smiley:


Awesome! Congrats!
:partying_face: :confetti_ball:


Thank you for keeping this thread alive. Level 30 here, with the average level-up speed of 48 days in the last year or so.

Slow is great. It took me over a year to go from level 20 to level 30, but I feel like I remember kanji and vocab better. Reading stuff in Japanese means I have more chances to meet the words I just learned in the wild and actually recognise that those are words I learned recently. My mind is clearer.

Maybe it’ll take another 5 years for me to reach level 60. I don’t care, I can read my manga, and every kanji I don’t have to look up anymore is a gift.



I’ve been on WaniKani since the end of 2017 and decided to restart this year since I’ve already stopped doing it twice. The farthest I’ve gotten was something like 21 or 22 I think.

I’ve decided to go slower this time around and not focus on WK as much, but rather find time to read something as often as possible (I’ve gotten Satori reader to start with cause I can’t bring myself to read stuff like NHK easy :see_no_evil:).

So I don’t do lessons daily, but I always do reviews.

Feeling good about this approach and I hope I’m gonna stick around this time!


You would think so, but then again…

That’s a 175-day average level
or 79-day average if I exclude my 6.5 year hiatus
or 50-day average if I exclude any hiatuses around 360 days or longer
or 32-day average if I exclude any hiatuses 200 days or longer
or 17-day average if I exclude any hiatuses 98 days or longer



Hey team!! After 107 days, I finally leveled up!!! This makes level 38 my 4th longest ever level (by only 1 day, since level 5 took 108 days). :turtle:

There are lots of reasons for this level’s delay:
:cherry_blossom: I traveled a lot the last 3 months
:cherry_blossom: work was hella busy
:cherry_blossom: I experimented with different study routines and took a while settling into one which works for me (and which included doing my wk reviews)
:cherry_blossom: and I didn’t feel like the later levels’ kanji were as beneficial as previous levels; the payoff felt smaller so motivation was lacking!

But I’m really glad to finally be done with this level! Hopefully I can steadily do a couple more levels before I have another 100+ day level again! I’m eternally grateful I bought a lifetime subscription all those years ago haha

Hope everyone’s doing well with their scenic durtlin ! Let the feed know how it’s going! :star2:


Hey! We’re still on the same level, though I’ve been taking longer for each level:

Part of the reason is because I’m also doing the ‘revisiting old friends’ and ‘rolling reset’ thing I talked about earlier in the thread. I’m currently up to ‘rolling resetting’ level 27. So, that means that in addition to doing new lessons for level 39, I’m also interspersing batches of resurrected items from level 27 (one’s I’ve already burned once). It slows down my overall pace, but I’m good with that!

“It’s not even a marathon, it’s more like a stroll in the park!”
:turtle: :sweat_smile:

All good reasons to have a nice, flexible WK routine, eh? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also supplementing WK and BP Grammar with the new BP Vocab items. Currently working on N3. Taking it slow there, too.

Since doing BP Vocab, I’ve been finding my reading ability and level of comprehension going up quite a bit. WK alone just doesn’t really have enough vocab on its own to fill that need. Not that it should, since it’s focused on Kanji – just saying that I agree it makes sense that later WK kanji will be incrementally less useful than the earlier ones.


Omg level buddies!

I can defo foresee myself doing something similar to this in a few months time when I’m more settled after moving from Japan and (hopefully) after my current study routine is set in stone! A year ago I was using an Anki vocab deck for the same reason but now after my laptop broke so I had to switch to iPad and I didn’t wanna buy the Anki apple app cuz I’m broke I don’t have the app anymore! Maybe I’ll start with Bunpro vocab since I’m already doing SRS over there pretty casually ! Good idea :>