:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

Leveled up to 17 the other day without realizing. After nearly 100 days on 16 lol.

Things have heated up vis-a-vis moving to Japan, so I’ll probably be cleaning up vocab and then on level 17 for a while too.


OMG I have over 1000 burns too lol.


Very smart putting it as a link on your 60! :durtle_noice:


It took roughly a month and 5 days, but I made it to level 32! Not all level-up emails are equal and this one was really good! It said this level will teach genuinely helpful kanji such as 卵 (egg), 机 (desk), 汚 (dirty), 興 (interest), 欲 (want) as well as including a message from a level 60 user about when you are faced with a huge wall of reviews: “700 reviews isn’t achievable, but 7 batches of 100 reviews is.” It’s actually motivating :>

(blurred the contents because I know some people like to keep the level up emails a surprise!)

Not much else to report - these days I’m mostly just doing wanikani reviews/lessons, bunrpo reviews/lessons (with supplemtary grammar YT videos), and reading 天国大魔境 (alone) and 小さくオオカミの森 (with the WK book club) when I can :slight_smile:

happly SRD scenic route durtling :turtle: !


I honestly find 100 batches to be much too big also. Preferably under 30. When I got big ones I did 20-30 at a time (could be divided within the same hour, so get all the way down, but needed a bit of a break)

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It’s been a few years. I’m definitely taking the scenic route now.
I’ve just finished my second year of Arabic classes and it’s a lot of fun. Arabic is my main focus, but I just can’t live without those sweet sweet kanji :slight_smile: I’m just going to have to reduce the dose, so I don’t burn out.