:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

I do all my reviews every day. I usually do 0 lessons a day, and on average about 8 lessons per week lol. Probably the reason I’m one of the slowest durtlers. But I’m getting exposure to new words outside of Wanikani, so when they do pop up in lessons, I’m at least a little bit familiar with them.

When I exceed the amount of Apprentice-level items I’m comfortable with, I stop doing lessons and focus on reviews until the Apprentice items go down to the level I want to maintain. I also continue to engage in Japanese outside of Wanikani, which usually looks like book club participation, watching anime and YouTube videos, reading Discord chats.


I’ve been doing 15/day for the last few levels, which levels me up somewhere between 13-20 days and gives a day in there to rest at 0/0. That and reviews equals about 45 minutes per day, I think?

I try to do reviews daily, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I definitely skipped lessons and reviews a few times last week, so no 0/0 for me this time.

Have you tried any of the fan-made mobile apps? I’m using Flaming Durtles for Android, and it’s one of the best WK-related choices I’ve made. They built in a bunch of popular scripts like reordering and an Undo button for typos.


Thanks for the replies @x90PT , @potatonaught and @quilltips !

I have the reorder script on my personal laptop, and I’ve been doing lessons first since I saw your advice on getting 0/0 streak challenge, but haven’t been able to do lessons at home these days so I can’t use the script. Recently only been doing lessons at work or on the go.

I’m using flaming durtles on android too, but I had no idea it has a built in reordering script. Will look into it so I can reorder my lessons to do vocab first.

On doing reviews everyday, thanks for the validating my current method which is getting to 0 reviews every day! I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was ideal. I’m doing 10 - 15 lessons per day now but I think I’ll probably do less to keep my apprentice items lower but make sure to do all my reviews. Unless life gets in the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wrote about this on my recent study log. I feel like I’m not consuming enough Japanese outside of Wanikani and definitely need to follow your example to read and watch more sources.


Yeah, they hide it away under Settings > Enable Advanced Settings. I’m not sure if it’s as granular as the browser script is, but it should let you tweak lesson order to be at least closer to what you want.


Durtling very slowly, but 0/0ed level 18 (finally) just now, and all its kanji are at least apprentice 2, so its only a matter of days now!

Setting my target to 1 month per level. That should leave mental space focusing primarily on grammar and spoken language learning (via youtube). My goal is to keep my knowledge of kanji/grammar/vocab/話し方 advancing more uniformly, which means lower pure-kanji-learning speed for now.


Level 49!

I actually got there a few days ago, haha (it was another 14 day level), but I have family visiting, so I haven’t been online as much, and when I am able to be online, I have to use that time primarily for keeping up with my studies, NaNoWriMo, and the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling translations :sweat_smile:.

I am keeping up, though! I’m well on track to get my NaNo novel done in time, and I’m actually caught up with my translations! I have a few days before the next show, so I’ll actually have some time to read manga instead of having to translate wrestling, haha! So far so good with the read every day challenge, too! :blush:


Sounds like a good idea! I honestly don’t have much mental space to work on grammar and actual speaking skills after all the reviews. I have two one hour lessons a week but don’t do anything outside of those lessons. I try to do bunpro but very sporadically at the moment. No consistency. I might consider this when I pass the painful levels and reach death! So that I at least have a good amount of kanji under my belt already as I focus on grammar, speaking and reading.

I’m still amazed you can manage all that with family visiting! Well done!


Personally, I don’t go for the 0/0 streak thing. For me, it’s just more time pressure, which I don’t want/need. I think it’s good for people who are trying to be ‘efficient’ with their time, and who don’t want to fall behind, ending up with a big daunting pile of reviews after a few ‘lazy’ days. But for me, that is kinda the opposite perspective of Durtling the Scenic Route. I don’t want to feel that if I miss my ‘streak’, I’ll be ‘in trouble’, or worse ‘doomed to a scary fate (overwhelming pile of reviews)’.

I don’t have a strict – or even just ‘orderly’ – regimen for how many reviews I do per day. I just have my review batch size set to 5 (not too small, not too big), and if I feel like I don’t have enough reviews in my stack, or if my Upcoming Reviews schedule looks thin, I’ll do a single session of 5 lessons that day. If the situation remains ‘thin’ the next day, I’ll do another single session of 5 reviews. And keep that up until the number of reviews (per week, is my usual metric) is about where I feel comfortable – which may depend on how busy I am, or how stressed out I might feel. Recently I’ve been going about 300-400 reviews per week (ish).

As for finishing reviews everyday? Actually, I’ve taken to doing the opposite! :sweat_smile: I actually keep at least 20 reviews in my stack at the end of the day, and more often than not I’m actually keeping at least 40 or more in my stack.

The reason I do this is because it helps with the ‘shuffling’ of the reviews, so they get spread out more, i.e. items I learned at Apprentice-1 get mixed in with a bunch of other items at all different levels.

So, if I have a stack of 20 random items plus 5 recently learned Apprentice-1s = 25 items, and then I do a review session of say 10 items (using the “Wrap Up” button immediately), then only about 5 out of 25 items (or about 1 in 5) will end up in that review session, so about 2 out of 10. This means that the other Apprentice-1s will be delayed in time relative to the other Apprentice-1s, so that after a few days, they are all basically shuffled into the deck, and I don’t see them all together in a clump, like what sometimes happens if you strictly follow the 0/0 streak challenge.

I prefer to have them spread out, so that I don’t get ‘primed’ when I see one vocab featuring some kanji, and then I now ‘expect’ to see the related vocabs featuring the same kanji. For me it’s better if it’s as random as possible.


After my longest time on level to date (94 days?! how?! lol), I’ve dinged to level 15! Looking forward to my Koichi level-up email. I missed them lol.


Very good point. This happens to me quite often actually! I’ll end up answering the wrong thing for a similar looking kanji because I’m expecting the other kanji I just learned, when the item I’m being presented is actually from a few levels back.

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First perfect week I had in a while :smiley:

And level 19! Wohooo!