:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

Wow, your stats look good! All of those burned items! I’m jealous!

Good taste!! I’ve never seen Dragon Gate (mostly because I only have so much time haha), though I’ve heard some good things about them. And DDT is one of my favorite promotions! They’re sort of the promotion that got me into wrestling entirely, albeit a bit indirectly. My favorite promotion overall at the moment is probably TJPW, but I truly watch way too many :sweat_smile: (I regularly watch DDT, TJPW, NJPW, and AEW, as well as a fair amount of NOAH and occasional ChocoPro, and I’m in the process of catching up on Stardom). Suzuki-gun is a good choice of favorites! I really like Douki, but I think my favorite person in the faction is El Desperado. Definitely agreed on wrestling getting me through the pandemic, though.

Yeah, 100%! Even though I still can’t understand much of what I hear (unless it gets subtitled or translated later), it’s amazing to me how much I am able to understand! Wrestling is such excellent immersion because you can watch it and enjoy it with even 0% comprehension, but the more you understand, the more it adds to your enjoyment, so it’s a great incentive to learn. Like, I’m going to keep watching it regardless of my level of proficiency with the language haha, but because I have so much exposure to it, I’m constantly seeing words and kanji and grammar that I’m learning, which helps reinforce them, and it doesn’t feel at all like studying (where it’s a lot of frustration and hard work to watch) because I don’t need to know the language in order to follow along like I would if I were trying to immerse with anime. Anything I understand is just a bonus as I watch.


Oh wow, I missed the Burns! Thanks @fallynleaf for pointing it out!
That is IMPRESSIVE! Talk about good durteling!!! :caught_durtling: :durtle_love: :durtle_noice:

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Fellow level 12 here :wave: I’m a little slower than you at around 18 days the last two levels. I hit the 0/0 several times this level, which means I’m keeping up quite well.


Finished lesson 6 of Minna no Nihongo! I still have to do my grammar notes before I can move on, but I completed all of the exercises. Lesson 7 only has a handful of kanji that are new to me, so the vocab should go much faster. I’m looking forward to that! Lesson 6 was a breeze for the most part, though I did initially get tripped up by the use of the に particle with 会う, haha!


Finally, my Burns have come:

I feel like the next couple of weeks and probably months are going to be a little more exciting :smiley: .


This seems like the place for me. I’ve definitely been taking the scenic route. I supposedly started August 2016!! Hahaha. I’ve reset a couple times and fell off along the way, but I have continued to come back and keep trying to grind away.


Just levelled to six, it took me 58 days according to WKStats, it didn’t feel that long, because I was going particularly slowly through the level 4 vocab - it doesn’t feel like I got started on level 5 properly for a while. I am hoping to do the level 5 vocab slightly faster, so I can squeeze them in before I go on holiday!


welcome, welcome. excellent durtling :durtle:


Oh, you get to see everything you did before resetting?
I though it just said reset at the start, and the past levels vanished (or at least seen that on some)
Which one are you using that gives this effect?

Oh wait, I see now. You did part resets! The ones that put reset at start did full reset.

Oh yeah! I don’t think I’ve ever done a full reset or not. If I did, it was probably way earlier on. The highest I got was most recently around the mid 30’s before the JLPT got cancelled last December.

I study Japanese in my free time and there isn’t any sort of deadline for me to reach a specific level by a certain time like some people do (for school or career, etc) nor do I live in Japan.

This makes it super easy to just put studying on the back burner whenever other parts of life really need more attention. Hence why it’s taken me this long. Haha!

But just gonna keep chugging along and hopefully we all can encourage each other to keep going no matter how fast or slow that is!


I’m doing it for the enjoyment, no other goal. Which is why I made this group.
We might stumble, we might fall, but we will get there in the end, even if we have to crawl :durtle_megane:


I think I might have found my group. According to wkstats I’m about 16 days a level, although I’m only on level 5 so I suspect that might go slower in future. So far I’m enjoying the view on the scenic route though :slight_smile:


Welcome along! Pleasure to have you enjoy the scenery with us.


Dinged to level 7! :durtle_noice:

Poor wanikani, I never got lessons below 100. Sorry bud!


I hit level 13! Took 15 days, which is pretty typical for me.

I’m also nearly done with lesson 7 in Minna no Nihongo, though I have a couple days of workbook exercises ahead of me still. I looked ahead to the lesson 8 vocab in order to print off some more kanji practice sheets for it, and lesson 8 is very heavy on the kanji (in contrast to 7), but it’s almost all kanji that I have already learned on WK, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all!


What’s your take on completing previous level’s vocabulary before moving on to next lessons/levels?

I burned out when almost year ago I got to level 6, but I still had initiated vocabulary from all the earlier levels. Now I really want to pass the rest of the level 5 vocabulary before moving on to the lessons for level 6, but I started to wonder if I’m the only completionist or are there others.

By the way, I really like this Flaming Durtles app view of radicals, kanjis and vocabulary. It’s been satistying to see the other levels disappear from the list. Any other users?


I used to complete all of the vocab from the previous level before starting on the new vocab, but I got demoralized from having to spend usually a full week just doing vocab before I’d hit the next level’s radicals. Now what I do is use the lesson filter script to distribute the kanji throughout the level (doing like 3 kanji and 10 vocab lessons a day, or 4 kanji and 9 vocab, etc.), and I’m much happier. It’s a lot easier for me to actually learn the kanji if I’m not learning them in huge batches, and it’s really nice to get the associated vocab lessons done fairly soon after I learn the kanji (If I do the kanji in huge batches, it takes me ages to get to the vocab for the last kanji I guru).

Ironically, using a script actually cut down my lesson pile by a lot haha and now I don’t have as much of a backlog of lessons as I used to when I was just doing them in the vanilla WK order.


Would strongly recommend doing vocab after kanji before moving to new level’s items. The vocab, at least to me, is very useful when it comes to remembering kanji readings in word context.

If you take long breaks between reviews and some items already got burned, make sure you have some additional context to practice the items you’ve learned or un-burn them :slight_smile: . Otherwise, they might fade from memory.

My general approach is to go through items at least 3 times when learning them, especially kanji. That way I’m sure I will remember the items. The single round WaniKani provides when learning items is just not effective enough for me.


I haven’t read the full thread, but I thought I’d chime in and mention that I’m taking a more ‘durtle’ (I don’t even know what that word actually means, I just assumed it was some cute mnemonic or something) approach to WK after resetting from level 28 down to level 7 (after taking quite a long break during Covid-era).

I kinda wanted to reach a ‘high’ level when I first joined, and I feel that 28 is plenty ‘high’ enough for me to say to myself, “Yay! I did it!”. But when I took that break and faced over 9000! 2000 reviews and couldn’t get even like 10% of them right, and even forgot many/most of my ‘burned’ items, I finally decided to go with a reset, which was 100% the right decision for me.

After having ‘achieved’ the ‘fast, high level’ goal, I’m now looking to focus more on my real goal, which has always really been ‘to learn Japanese!’, no matter how slow-and-steady-wins-the-race I have to go. My goal now is not to get overwhelmed by giant review stacks, not to ‘burn’ items I haven’t really ‘burned’, to enjoy the process of learning like I did at the beginning with WK, etc.

My feedback / my personal perspective/goals. (NB: These are just my personal rephrasings. I’m not necessarily arguing that they should be actually rephrased in the initial post (unless they make sense for the group as a whole as well as just myself)):

  • For myself, I wouldn’t say ‘Go slow’ just for the sake of going slow. If I were to rephrase that, I might re-emphasize it as “There’s no need to rush or to feel rushed! Go as slow as you need to; it’s not a race or competition.”
  • I’m not necessarily going for [0/0], as because of my reset, I have a bit of a ‘clumpy’ review queue for a while, until I build up enough randomly interspersed reviews that the queue starts to smooth out. Some days are forecasted as having 90+ reviews, some fewer than 20. Therefore, I’m ‘saving up’ several lessons for those days when I have fewer reviews upcoming. The purpose here is to make steady, gradual, regular progress, ideally ‘every day’, though I’m going to give myself enough slack that I could take off say a week and not feel stressed/overwhelmed getting back into it.
    • Therefore, I might rephrase it as “Aim for 0 reviews remaining at least once each day (to build the habit) and not to re-order lessons to level-up faster; just take the lessons as they come, and at a pace that you can maintain indefinitely,” or something along those lines.
    • BTW, in further support of this (not necessarily aiming for [0/0], but more like [X,0] on a regular basis, and X decreasing close to 0 before leveling up):
      • The rate at which you get new lessons depends on the rate at which you Guru review items
        • [and rate of ‘new lessons’ also depends on the rate at which you level up, which itself depends on the rate at which you Guru review items anyway. So, rate of Guruing is the main rate to try to regulate.]
      • And the rate at which you Guru review items depends on the rate at which you are ‘learning’ or ‘adding’ new items from your Lesson queue into your Review queue. (Can’t Guru an item if it’s not in the review queue!)
      • Therefore, to regulate your ‘natural’ rate of Guruing review items, it is also important to regulate your rate of ‘Learning/Adding’ items from Lessons queue to Review queue.
      • Therefore, aiming for [0,0] would mean aiming for 0 Lessons, but that would mean a faster rate of ‘Learning Lessons’, which would indirectly (but very significantly) affect your ultimate ‘natural’ rate of Guruing items.
        • In other words, aiming for [0,0] too early in a level is actually not a great way to take the scenic route, IMHO. Rather, learn new lessons at a steady rate, modulated by how ‘lumpy’ your upcoming review schedule is looking. Learn new lessons on slow days, don’t learn new lessons on heavy days. It’s okay to keep a queue of lessons, as long as you’re not ‘abusing’ this queue to try to level up faster (e.g. by re-ordering or ignoring vocabs in favour of learning radicals and kanjis faster which will lead to leveling up too fast and giving you a huge backlog of vocab items!).
  • “Avoid burn outs” YES! :+1: Absolutely my main reason for resetting and taking it slower this time around.
  • “Avoid needing to reset” Well, on the other hand, “Definitely reset if you need to, and if it’s the right option for you, though!” Depending on the situation, resetting can relieve a great amount of burden or overwhelm, and give you the breathing room you need to actually start learning again. Perhaps, “There’s no shame in resetting if you need to, but ideally we’d rather not get into that situation in the first place,” or something like that.

  • “The journey is more important than the end goal”: Well, I wonder about this. For me, the end goal (learning Japanese! Not ‘getting to level 60’!) is the ultimate motivation for the journey in the first place. Without that goal, I wouldn’t be on WK. On the other hand, I agree that the journey itself must (for me, at least) be enjoyable, to keep my motivation up, and so I agree that the journey itself is very very important. But more important than the end goal (learning Japanese)? No, I don’t think I could actually go that far. Maybe I’d rephrase this something like, “The journey towards the final destination (learning Japanese) is more important than the artificial sub-goals (leveling up; reaching level 60) that are merely milestones along the way.”

All of the above is just my own opinion/POV, not meant to be confrontational to the OP or anyone else. Apologies ahead of time if anything I wrote came across that way. It grew into a much bigger post than I originally intended and I’m going to have to just post it as-is without polishing it up. To paraphrase Blaise Pascal, I haven’t the time to write it better/shorter! :sweat_smile:

Cheers, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and not feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnt-out, or on the verge thereof. Happy Durtling!


I think we just put different meaning in the words =)
I’ve tried to put it in short and fun way without putting to many words, and each point can be interpreted how the user wants (or ignored if that point is not important to them)

The 0/0 is mainly to avoid leaving reviews for too long (try get zero reviews often) and don’t leave old vocabs (many don’t get a true zero zero, but don’t leave the vocabs from previous level and make sure to get them done before they level again and count that as accomplishing zero zero. )
I manage to get a true zero zero every level with ease, by doing vocabs first, then kanji, zero when I do radicals. So it doesn’t push the speed to faster at all. I sometimes even wait til the first set of kanji have gurured and do their vocabs before I do the radicals.

I’m also all for resetting where needed. The point of that line is to do the right steps to avoid needing it. There are many who start here after a reset.

Also the point of enjoying the journey is to find enjoyment in each kanji/word you learn rather than strive for levels. It is the learning that is the point :wink: