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In fact, it’s a little surprising (ooh! coincidence!) to me how similar your level-reset is to my own, which I did a couple of years ago. I also reset down to level 7, and ended up resurrecting a few items from 1-6. (In fact, that’s what inspired the ‘rolling reset’, as I didn’t want to lose the progress of levels 1-6, but I also just decided, “What the heck! Why don’t I just resurrect all the items from 1-6 over time? Just in case I missed any important ones.”)

For the full background of my level-reset, leading to my decision to doing a rolling-reset, it’s actually a comment buried in another post: Rolling Reset - Introduction

Indeed, I just found a manual way that I’ve refined to work fairly well with a tabbed browser and using the keyboard. There may be some plugin out there that can do similar, but I haven’t bothered to look. Here’s the section of my main comment that gives a ‘how to’: Rolling Reset - How To

Thanks! I’ve heard of it before but I guess I thought it was subscription only or something. I’ll check it out. :pray:

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